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Jallikattu - Gurudev appeals for peace in Tamil Nadu

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Jallikattu - Gurudev appeals for peace in Tamil Nadu

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I appeal to the people of Tamil Nadu to keep calm and not let anti​-​social elements hijack the peaceful nature of the Jallikattu movement. The 6-day peaceful movement is a victory for people of Tamil Nadu. Instead of celebration​​, it is unfortunate that it has taken a violent turn.

I appeal to the govt to take care of women & children who have been a part of the movement & be sensitive to them. Youth should go back & resume their studies.

What has happened today is the deed of anti​-​social elements who want to keep the temper high for vested motives.

People should move on. They should rejoice ​and​ celebrate victory of the most peaceful movement. They should now see how they can play the game safely.

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