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AGA - A 6-point guide to career success

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AGA - A 6-point guide to career success

July 8, 2021
Bengaluru, India

The path to success may be long yet the roadmap gets easier when you have a guide. Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar gives you a 6-point success formula to invoke the inner guide in you and develop the right attitude for career success.

1. No shortcuts

Shortcut to success will cut short your success too. You have seen that people who want to get rich very quickly, more often than not, come crashing down. History is full of such events where people wanted to make quick money, but they came down that fast as well. Better to be steady and rise gradually.

2. Define your success

Success is not achieved in a day. Success is woven throughout life. For me, every day that you spend happily is a successful day. The days you have an undying smile on your face you can declare it as a successful day. The day you have total confidence, that day you are successful.

3. You are bigger than challenges

Worry simply means you are not aware of your potential. You are so much more than the challenges that you face. You simply have to remember this: I am much bigger, much more powerful than the challenges that I am facing. With this one aphorism in your mind, you can just move through and you will feel strong. You will definitely find success in life.

4. Be multi-talented

Suppose you choose a career, such as an engineer or a businessman. By the time you grow up, the character and value of the career changes. You must believe in the multi-talented aspect and be ready to do anything. Have many feathers in your cap. If one career is not working out, do something else. Confidence is the secret of your career. If you have confidence, you can be successful in any career you choose. Meditation builds and cements that confidence in you. Knowledge, wisdom, and meditation are very essential in life. Take a vow to meditate for a certain number of days, and see how your energy becomes positive. Positive energy definitely attracts more luck and good fortune.

5. Know your reason

If some job appears to be enjoyable in the beginning, down the line you will stop enjoying it. For example, you like apple pie and you keep eating apple pie on a daily basis. In less than a month, you will stop liking apple pie. In fact, you will start hating apple pie. Don’t try to find joy in the job. Your job must be an expression of joy. And the joy you find within yourself. You find joy in art, music, meditation, yoga. All this will bring you joy. Service will give you joy. If you help others, that will give you joy. But at the level of career, you must see which is best for you, which pays you well, and where you need to go. You must do that. That is your dharma.

6. Remember one truth

Many great men and women have walked on this planet. The ultimate place for all of them is their grave. Even the person who you are jealous of is not going to be here permanently. One day they will also hit the mud. Know that everything in life is temporary. Everything is ephemeral here. Even your life. You are not going to be here forever. When you see life from a bigger perspective, it will free you of jealousy, hatred, anger. All these negative emotions that become so difficult for a human being to bear, will simply disappear.