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Wellbeing And Wellness Tips To Handle The Corona Virus Situation

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Wellbeing And Wellness Tips To Handle The Corona Virus Situation

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March 20, 2020
Bengaluru, India

As the world faces the Corona virus situation, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar encouraged everyone to keep calm and make simple lifestyle changes which can help prevent the infection from spreading.

Read his full article – “Be rest assured, we will overcome this.”

Here are a few tips suggested by him to boost your immune system:

  1. Take care of your diet (avoid white sugar & white flour)
  2. Do some breathing techniques:
    1. Alternate nostril breathing,
    2. Bhastrika (A unique variation of bellow breathing),
    3. Slow exhalation,
    4. Brahmari (Humming Bee),
  3. Guided Meditation
  4. Add turmeric to your diet
  5. Include moringa leaves in your diet.

Here’s a video where he explains these in detail and leads a meditation – “Tips, Breathing Techniques & Guided Meditation To Increase Immunity And Reduce Anxiety”

While everyone is in a Corona virus lockdown, here is a video where he shares how to cope with this sudden situation of isolation by doing simple things like those listed below.

  1. Meditate 2-3 times a day
  2. Acquire more knowledge
  3. Acquire new skills. Learn new languages, pick up a new hobby.
  4. Read books, watch informative & educative videos.
  5. Use social media or chat with people and uplift them.
  6. Just slow down, calm down, cool down for a few days!

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Coronavirus is a huge crisis but it is also an opportunity for us to reflect on our lives, our roles and responsibilities in society, etc. We’ve been so busy, with less sleep, without much rest or we were in too much rest. So use this time to contemplate all those scenarios and see what should be the context of our lives. That will be very beneficial. Solitude is not always boring. It bring us inner strength and clarity of mind. Meditate, do Yoga, watch nature. This is a blessing in disguise. Greet others by 'Namastey'. Many of us have hardly spent any time with ourselves, so taste that silence and take some time off. Most of the time we are so active that the doer or the seer is lost in the scenery. Now is the time to abide by the being and come back from the scenery to the seer. That is yoga. #socialdistancing #meditate #solitude #corona #yoga

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