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Covid 19 - Responding to the second wave in India

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Covid 19 - Responding to the second wave in India

The world is witnessing a second wave of Covid-19. With hospitals in India being overrun, reports say that the impact is greater than what has been reported by any single country since the onset of Covid-19. The country of 1.3 billion is now the global epicenter of the pandemic.

To mitigate the shortage of oxygen and essential supplies, the International Association for Human Values (IAHV) and The Art of Living have started an initiative of supplying oxygen concentrators, critical medical equipment to hospitals and people across India. In addition to working directly with the people in need, our teams are working with local governments to identify the requirements and are sourcing and distributing them to government authorities.

So far the teams and volunteers have organised:

  • 5,677 Oxygen Concentrators
  • 25,000 Oximeters
  • 2 million N95 Masks
  • 100 Ventilators
  • 400 Oxygen Cylinders
  • 2 Cardiac Care Ambulances
  • 100,000 PPE Kits
  • 5,604 Doctors on call
  • 6 Covid Care Centers (in Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad and Delhi)
  • 80 million ration kits/meals distributed

A lot more remains to be done. You can donate and partner with IAHV’s efforts at and

Oxygen concentrators supplied
Oxygen supplied
Oxygen concentrators getting ready to be shipped
Covid hospital setup at Sri Sri University