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Alternative to chemotherapy for cancer treatment launched

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Alternative to chemotherapy for cancer treatment launched
March 31, 2021,
Bengaluru, India

“Cytotron”, an alternative to Chemotherapy was inaugurated today at the Sri Sri Ayurveda Hospital in Bengaluru, India.

According to Dr. Rajah, the inventor, Cytotron works at the cellular level by readjusting the impaired functioning of certain proteins that regulate the lifecycle of a cell. This prevents their multiplication in case of cancer cells and promotes growth of healthy cells where necessary.

“We have moved away from ‘destroying, killing or obliterating cancer tissues’ to a method of communicating with the cellular command and control, and stop it from growing and spreading to other parts of the body. Cancer cells are cells that have just gone out of control. By appropriately addressing the right methodology and specific protein pathways, you can drive the cancer cells into old age, push them into accelerated ageing, and finally, apoptosis (programmed cell death). Once this stage is achieved, your body’s immune system takes over time and the cancer cells are recycled. This is the philosophy of Cytotron,” he argues.

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