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5 Yogic insights to overcome Type-2 diabetes

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5 Yogic insights to overcome Type-2 diabetes

September 28, 2021
Bengaluru, India

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was the Chief Guest for a panel discussion with a delegation of doctors hosted by The Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI).

In the event, Gurudev said Type-2 diabetes is a lifestyle issue and encouraged everyone to follow a planned dietary system, regular exercise, and practice some tension-relieving techniques.

Here, are five main takeaways from the wisdom shared by Gurudev that everyone can follow to cure and prevent Type 2 diabetes with ease:

Follow a holistic & nutrition-rich diet

Our diets should be such that it consists of a variety of fruits and green vegetables primarily, keeping a minimum weightage of 30-40% for grains. So, a little awareness of nutrition and reducing the quantity of starch from our diets will help correct Type 2 diabetes quickly.

In the ancient times, people followed this simple Ayurvedic wisdom while preparing their food. Like they would include at least one green vegetable in their daily meals or they would top their rice with ghee which turned it into a complex carb preventing the rice from digesting and getting converted into sugar too quickly in the blood.

The world is now opening up to Ayurveda for such valuable insights on food and lifestyle for a healthy living. You can incorporate “dinacharya” – the daily routine prescribed by Ayurveda and many such ways to balance your diet and manage diabetes with ease.

Know stress and diabetes are interlinked

Stress and tension are the social ills of modern society giving rise to psychosomatic diseases such as diabetes globally. Stress contributes to the rise in blood sugar by increasing the secretion of stress hormones like cortisol and could be a leading factor for causing Type 2 diabetes. Stress means you have many things to do in a limited span of time where the demand for energy is more than ever. The more responsibility you have in life, the more is the need for meditation. Meditation and breathing techniques like the Sudarshan Kriya can help in reducing stress considerably and bring in a state of deep relaxation.

When you are busy with a lot of work and ambitions in life, the more is the need for you to meditate regularly to foster good health, energize your mind and keep stress to a minimum level.

Yoga regulates insulin

Yoga is a science of well-being and there are specific yoga asanas that help control and prevent diabetes. The goodness of yoga heals our body and effectively releases tensions from the muscles such as the neck, shoulders, and thighs while we hunch over desks all day. Yoga has multiple benefits and it can make our life so much better than what we could imagine. It makes our body strong, brings focus to the mind, and overall, our energy becomes very positive with a regular practice.

Yoga might be a lesser-known measure to combat diabetes but a consistent practice helps you not only burn fat but also manage the right insulin level in your body.

In the service of society, one starts to heal

Happiness is sustained when we give. There is a direct connection between altruism and our health & happiness. When people engage in service to society their mindset changes because they start thinking bigger. From dwelling in the worries of the future and one’s personal needs the focus has shifted to doing something together for a better world.

So when a person comes from a spirit of service and connects with the people in the society, starts caring and sharing themselves with others around, a lot of improvement can happen in their health and outlook towards life, and the way they see themselves.

A happy state of mind matters

Happiness is a prerequisite for good health. When you feel well in the mind, it impacts your endocrine system and there are multiple research works today to support this. Today, much of the diseases that people are suffering from are psychosomatic in nature which means they were aggravated by mental factors. A strong mind can carry a weak body, but not the other way around.
See we all face challenges in life, but we can choose how to respond to it by broadening our awareness. A broader mindset acts like a vaccination for stress and tension because it gives your life a bigger outlook and purpose, fueling you with energy.

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