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The Art of Leadership and Success

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The Art of Leadership and Success

In a recent conversation with a group of professionals, entrepreneurs and corporate trainers, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar brought forth some interesting perspectives on the Art of Leadership and Success.

Something to contemplate on – In today’s times, is success measured only by income, position, strata and social networks?

No doubt success is also measured by the wealth that one creates and the reachability of the entrepreneur, leader. But the true sign of success is an undying smile and a confidence that doesn’t wither away under any circumstance.

Inner strength plays an important role

The resilience to be able to rise again even from the ashes keeps the dignity of the business high.

The focus of a business strategy should be based both on a Long-term vision and a short term goal; Decisions can be made based on long term gain, yet a balance needs to be established to make sure things are not shaken much in the short term too.

One needs to strive to be Self-motivated at all times and improve upon performance with a competitive spirit, not to outrun somebody else, but to perform better than your past self. Acknowledge others; Good relationship is never a deterrent to competitive spirit when perceived in the right sense, but will make you better than the person that you once were.

An undeterred focus and an intuitive mind will help achieve this and meditation is the way to a stress-free energy-filled life, with a clear vision of where you want to go.

Communication is key at all times

Efficient communication with a sense of confidence is the outcome of a Meditative mind. It helps overcome all obstacles, grow and lead to the path of success. Communication is effective when it is not through emotions or impulsiveness, but through a calm clear mind and a holistic view. That forms the basis for happiness in abundance.

The Goal of any kind of wealth is joy; Life cannot be such that you have amassed wealth, yet you feel miserable. That would be like saying, the operation is successful but the patient is no more. Passion with peace of mind invokes the inner strength, compassion and communication through a clear conscience. That also helps enable consensus amongst people, tolerance to diversity and better bonding within teams.

Earn to Share

Contribution to society is not just to make billions, it is also to spend and give. Make, but not to break – have a work life balance. That is very important. The quality of life beyond work needs to be equally good to better the quality of life at work.Consider work as the source of your sustenance and attach sacredness to it. That makes a lot of difference. Earn for the Self and also to share to make everybody around happy.

Many saints of our land considered work as worship. Similarly, professional and entrepreneurial spirit is like a shade giving tree that needs to be nurtured with a sense of belongingness, reverence and respect to enable sustenance.

Meditation, Spiritual knowledge and Wisdom helps to blossom in this space of growth. The Gita was taught to Arjuna, a warrior, who had a huge sense of responsibility. Reading the Bhagavad Gita will put you in touch with all those aspects in life that can keep your spirits high. You will then see an unseen strength, power, that rises from within.

With good hygiene, spiritual practices through conscious relaxation, meditation and spending time in knowledge, one can achieve the highest spiritual wisdom even while living a regular life with an ethical work routine.

Success comes when centered

When steeped in Spiritual Wisdom, one gets to be composed and stable. Humility dawns. Such a state of mind gives rise to positive thoughts which in turn leads to Success.

Ancient scriptures quote

Kriyaa-siddhih satve bhavati mahataamnopakarane.

Success comes through Sattva, not through any other means. When in this state of Sattvic ego, you envelope everybody. Such is the state of a sattvicconsciousness that leads; a movement from the Apara to the Para, a journey to the inner Self – the Universal consciousness which saysAhamBrahmasmi, I am the Infinite!