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Inconsistencies of the NGT Committee expose their lies

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Inconsistencies of the NGT Committee expose their lies

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Art of Living’s official press statement

13 April, 2017
Bangalore, India

This report is completely flawed, unscientific and biased. We have placed significant material on record before the NGT which clearly shows that the Committee is biased. Our application in this regard has not yet been heard. We do not trust this Committee. It has disqualified itself by its blatantly biased conduct.

From randomly pronouncing damages for Rs 120 crores they have come down to Rs 13 crores; from permanent damage they are now saying 10 years. From damage to wetlands they are now saying damage to floodplains. Their inconsistencies expose their lies.

The Expert Committee Chairperson, Shri Shashi Shekhar, who had earlier blown the whistle before the NGT that 120 crores is unscientific, has not signed this report. Shri Brij Gopal too has not signed the report. Is it because they too agree that the Committee is unscientific and biased? How can the committee submit a report without the consent of its Chairman? And why has the biased report not explained this breach of mandatory protocol?

The report has no scientific basis and is clearly biased. There is no evidence at all to justify their claims.

We will fight for truth to triumph.


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