श्री श्री रविशंकर यांनी सखोल, अधिक आनंदी आयुष्य जगण्यासाठी तंत्र आणि साधने प्रदान करणारे कोर्स स्थापित केले आहेत. त्यांनी अश्या ना-नफा संस्था स्थापित केल्या आहेत ज्या वंश, राष्ट्रीयत्व आणि धर्माच्या सीमेवरील समान मानवी ओळख ओळखतात. जगातील लोकांना उन्नत करणे, तणाव कमी करणे आणि नेते विकसित करणे हे त्यांचे लक्ष्य आहे जेणेकरुन लोक आणि समाजात मानवी मूल्ये भरभराट होऊ शकतात. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has founded courses that provide techniques and tools to live a deeper, more joyous life. He has established nonprofit organizations that recognize a common human identity above the boundaries of race, nationality and religion. His goal is to uplift people around the globe, to reduce stress, and to develop leaders so that human values can flourish in people and communities.

Honoring the traditions - Shivaratri 2014

Culture & Celebration

Honoring the traditions - Shivaratri 2014
February 27, 2014
Bangalore, India

Mahashivaratri is a traditional festival in India. Thousands gathered at the Art of Living International Center in Bangalore, India to join Sri Sri in the traditional Shivaratri celebrations.
Huge gathering for Shivaratri
Sri Sri explained the significance of Shivaratri and lead a deep meditation for the assembled gathering.
“Relax with the faith that, ‘come what may, only good will happen in my life. I will get whatever I need.’ Today, remind yourself about only two things: God is with me and He will take care of my needs. Relax with this confidence. This relaxation is Shivratri. God is there and He is my very own. When you have this faith, the mind relaxes. Shiva is in every atom, and in all the tatvas – knowing this, relax. Wherever you go, it’s only Him in the seen and the seer. Relax again and again knowing God is within.”

Sri Sri honoring the traditional ceremony