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Message on the 7th International Yoga Day

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Message on the 7th International Yoga Day

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The science of yoga has found its due recognition in the last seven years since the United Nations has declared June 21st as International Yoga Day (IYD). Today, billions are practicing yoga. This ancient science has contributed to the wellness of humanity.

The world is, currently, going through a very tough time due to the pandemic and the economic downtrend. Mental health has been a big issue around the world, especially after the coronavirus pandemic. There is a feeling of anxiety, depression, aggression everywhere. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that the biggest challenge world will be facing is the mental health issue. Yoga can be of a big help here. While it can help you to get out of depression, it also helps you to stay away from aggressive behavior. To keep us mentally healthy it is necessary for us to do breathing exercises, pranayama, meditation, Sudarshan Kriya.

Every day, if you spare 10-15 minutes, you will see a huge transformation in yourself, your energy levels, and ability to communicate is enhanced manifold. There is clarity in mind, you feel emotionally uplifted and physically fit; these are few benefits of yoga. It can help us to create a happy society, a happy environment.

Though yoga was born in India, it belongs to the human race. We are part of one global family, whatever may be our language, religion, culture, or lifestyle. Yoga carries this message that despite all our diversity, we are all connected with peace, love, and care.

It does not in any way interfere with your religious beliefs. It, in fact, transforms you into a beautiful human being who is free from stress and fills your life with compassion, happiness, and love.

The field of yoga, like many other sciences, also had to face prejudices. For years, yoga was ridiculed and the prejudice about yoga had stopped many young people from experiencing it. They remained deprived of the benefits of Yoga. The world has now recognized and acknowledged the importance of Yoga. It has become a movement that is spreading across the globe. Each passing day, more and more people are experiencing the magic of Yoga.

This year we are celebrating International Yoga Day with a difference, due to the lockdown implemented by the government to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. We cannot step out, we can remain indoors and inspire everybody to practice yoga with colleagues and family.

Let us all join hands and knock on all those doors who for some reason or with some prejudices are shut towards yoga. Let’s create waves of happiness in society by adopting the disciplines of yoga and meditation. We are part of one human family as the ancient people in India said – Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – the globe is one family.

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