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Looking at the pandemic crisis through the lens of wisdom

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Looking at the pandemic crisis through the lens of wisdom
May 13, 2021
Bengaluru, India

On his 65th birthday this year, Gurudev led everyone into a special guided meditation to ‘Heal the World’. The event attracted millions across the world to find moments of peace amidst the current pandemic crisis. He said, “Meditation is going beyond time. So from behind the time, we will now go deep into ourselves… deep meditation.”

Launching Mission Zindagi

He assured everyone that this tough time for the world is only temporary and that everything will resume to the kind of life we had before the pandemic. He also applauded the efforts of The Art of Living teachers and volunteers who have reached out to people with resources and solace during this time.

Gurudev also announced the launch of Mission Zindagi, a nationwide Covid relief project. He said, “To be available – this is the real human quality. The amount of response we are getting, encouragement that is happening among the youth, especially to come out and serve is really heartwarming. People are ready to help others.”

Encouraging the volunteers to stay cautious and take care of themselves as well during this time, he advised everyone to practice some form of guided meditation everyday.

Let the death and destruction around compel us to think about life

The current circumstances are reminding us again and again about how ephemeral our lives are. When we see death and destruction all around, it compels us to think about the meaning of life. Think how temporary our life is. Noting the temporal nature of life will kindle that inner wisdom in you. The reality, the truth – that there is something that is eternal, and this relative world is ever changing, is temporary. Nothing can be held on forever. One day we have to let go of everything. This realization will help you peep beyond, look beyond the material relative existence – into something that is the true nature of our being.

The world is a dream

You know the beauty of our path? On this path, you can have fun, you can be joyous; at the same time you also have a depth – a depth which is so beautiful. You can have true fun when the world appears to be a dream to us. Don’t you think so? Let us be innocent and lighter in our approach towards events and everything and at the same time, nurture wisdom within us and gain depth.

Meditate everyday

There are so many guided meditations, practice one every day. And encourage others to meditate as well. Don’t forget to meditate, no matter what. It should be part of your routine. This is the main thing and essential.

Find your source of strength & solace

In the current crisis, those who are sad need solace and those who feel weak to handle such situations need strength. Meditation brings both solace and strength.

Tend to your mental health

Meditation is a solution to many mental health issues faced by the people worldwide today.

Independent studies show that meditation helps reduce anxiety and stress. Studies on Sudarshan Kriya and meditation have shown to reduce stress and anxiety in healthcare workers fighting the current Covid-19 crisis.

Go beyond time and bring food for your soul

Meditation is going beyond time. It is a way to jump from behind time, into ourselves. It is the food for our soul. It is the main course. All other things are like dressing the salad – sprinkling on top of the desert.

Create positivity with meditation

If you meditate, you are not doing it just for yourself. You are creating something fantastic around. You are creating vibes that will take care of the collective consciousness in the society.

That is why it is important that you meditate daily. That will not only bring strength to you but also solace to many around you.

Based on Gurudev’s talk on May 13, 2021