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Jallikattu - Let us bring normalcy to Tamil Nadu

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Jallikattu - Let us bring normalcy to Tamil Nadu

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Bengaluru, India
Jan 19, 2017

I am with the people of Tamil Nadu. I understand their sentiments and support them fully.

Jallikattu is ​a game for which both the bull and the people are prepared well. The animal is sacred for the people who raise these bulls. The bulls are​ considered ​a​ part of the family​ and are​ worshipped. ​The sport is neither meant to be cruel to animals nor cause injuries to people. If injuries are caused, that has to be taken care of. In the Kumbh Mela, we have lost so many lives, many die in train accidents. If people die on the roads we cannot ban vehicles. If you want to ban this, then what about ​​ho​​rses who are tamed for horse riding? ​The same could​ also​ be​ called ​cruelty. Instead of banning the ancient sport, regulations to minimise accidents and mischief by fringe elements should be in place and enforced. Safety regulations can be introduced to minimise casualties.

If we want to genuinely show our love for animals, let us focus on banning slaughter houses, which ar​e endangering the indigenous breeds of animals. ​In Orissa, 15 local breeds have ​gone​ extinct​. ​T​a​​mil Nadu has managed to preserve​ these native breeds and Jallikattu is one of the reasons why they have been able to do so.

We need to take a re-look at the whole situation. There needs to be an honest representation of facts in the court. People should appeal again to the court and the case must be revisited in fair light.

However, I appeal to people of Tamil Nadu, not to allow anti-social elements to hijack this movement and cause violence and chaos in the state. Let’s keep politics and anti-social elements out of this movement for justice. Have patience. These laws cannot be repealed overnight. The youth have made their point with the massive protest. Now, I appeal to them to go back to schools and colleges.

Unfortunately people think that this is the doing of the government. I would request the youth to educate their fellow protestors that the government cannot do much in this case because the matter is sub-judice. Let an appeal be made in the court. We still have one year. I hope that Jallikatu will be back by next Pongal.

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