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Celebrating Easter Sunday in lockdown

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Celebrating Easter Sunday in lockdown

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April 12, 2020
Bengaluru, India

Greetings to everyone on this Easter Sunday. This is a rare Easter Sunday that we are celebrating around the world, in a lockdown.

Easter symbolises resurrection, rising back to life. And the world is also waiting to rise back again to its full glory. We all have to think about the doctors, nurses, hygiene workers, health workers, police forces and people supplying our provisions, the electricians and water men. We need to thank them today, who are keeping us alive. They are the true expression of love, compassion and service that Jesus symbolises.

This Easter Sunday, let us remember and honor them. Let us revive those values that Jesus stood for this Easter. This year, we will celebrate staying indoors, being alone or being with our families but in spirit we celebrate together with the whole world. Wishing this calamity will end soon and we will be able to rebuild this world economically and socially and build a more humane and happy world.

Let us again pray and be grateful for our frontline workers who are helping us get through this crisis.

Happy Easter Sunday.