Mysteries of Karma

Karma is deeply connected to existence and influences life. It doesn't control everything but significantly impacts outcomes.

The Interwoven Nature of Karma

Grace helps transcend karma and attain freedom. It's not about converting bad karma into good, but about rising above it.

Karma and Grace

A guru's grace can cleanse an individual's sins or negative karma. We must surrender to grace to erase our karmic debt.

Grace: The Karma Cleanser

The effects of karma may cause mismatches in opportunities and capabilities. The intent behind actions can counterbalance karma.

Karma and Opportunity

Interplay of Karma, Effort, and Intent

Achieving goals depends on karma, effort, and intent. The intentions of others can also influence outcomes.

Meditation leads to the understanding of time as a timeless moment. This recognition is a path towards the feeling of infinity and depth.

Understanding Time through Meditation

Enlightenment and Karma

Enlightenment releases us from accumulated and future karma, but some karma related to the present life remains as long as the physical body exists.

Even divine figures like Lord Rama or Krishna had aspects of karma in their lives, demonstrating the pervasive nature of karma.

The Lives of Avatars and Karma


This exploration of karma, grace, time, and enlightenment underscores the multifaceted nature of existence and the significant role these elements play in life's journey.