Who is Shiva?

Was Shiva a person who walked on this planet?

Shiva is a principle, Shiva was not a person. Never ever limit shiva as a time. He is an energy, the consciousness, Shiva was not a man who walked on a planet. Kailash Mountain is the not the one where he lived.

Kailash means where there are the only celebration and joy. When Shiva Tatva turns in you, life becomes the only celebration.

  1. Shiva has 5 modes
  2. Srishti – (Creation)
  3. Sthithi – (Preservation)
  4. Laya or Samhara – (Destruction)
  5. Tirobhav (Manifesting)
  6. Anugraha (Blessing or grace or compassion)

The manifestation of consciousness is this entire globe that is a dance of Shiva i.e we can never separate dancer and a dance they all go together.

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