How to manage Stress?

Want to manage your stress?

Stress is an unavoidable companion in today’s modern day world. It can cause serious health issues, and make you lose your peace of mind, So, it is best nipped in the bud, isn’t it? Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has suggested some insightful and humorous answers to those niggling doubts we have on dealing with stress and its offsprings.

What is stress?

Too much to do, too little time, and no energy!

Can stress help me perform better?

Occasionally, a little stress can push you to do more. However, it is not the primary motivating factor for people to be creative. The idea that necessity is the mother of invention is an outdated one!

If stress were really a motivating factor, strife-torn countries like Lebanon and Afghanistan would have been world leaders! However, they have not contributed any inventions to the world in the last 40 years.

For a person to be creative and inventive, his mind has to be stress-free, and his environment peaceful.

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