Same yet Different

There is infinite spontaneity and creativity unfolding every moment in Nature. Every day the sun rises but every sunrise is uniquely beautiful. This is true for our experiences as we go through life as well – everything is the same and yet everything is different. Another year comes to an end and another begins.

Though change is a constant factor in the universe, certain changes leave a permanent impression on the human psyche. Whether positive or negative, these impressions rule our life. To be free from them and act from there is true awakening. These moments of awakening have not left anyone’s life untouched, although they occur frequently for some and rarely for others.

Revisiting events of the past every once in a while has two benefits – One, it reinforces your understanding and wisdom and second, it releases unwanted traits, which influence your thinking and behavior sub-consciously. Looking back, the fear and anxiety that has gripped our world in the past few months is due to terrorism. Asia, Africa, Europe and even America have suffered on this account to a great extent. Under the circumstances, it is imperative for us not to let these memories color our thinking and lead us down the path of paranoia and prejudice.

Often when a challenge or crisis arises in society, we have a tendency to slip into a cave and say, “It is not my problem. Someone else should solve it.” In the current global scenario, we are left with no choice but to take responsibility for the whole planet. In the middle ages, when a problem in one part of the world, the other part did not even know about it. Today, with technology the comfort zone and conflict zone are not very far apart.

Our part of the world also is not unaffected by developments there. The last year saw a huge boogieman created out of the issue of intolerance. I would say India is too complacent and does need more intolerance but towards inequality, injustice and corruption. Both tolerance and intolerance when misplaced are equally bad. Tolerance need not be complacency and intolerance need not be aggression.

Any issue or conflict becomes much easier to deal with and solve, when we are willing to stretch our hand first. Earlier this year, we were able to reach out to Colombia’s biggest rebel group, which resulted in a ceasefire, ending a 50-year old conflict with their government. This is the era of unprecedented interdependence. We need to come out of our isolated shells and become a part of something bigger and more beautiful, both individually and globally. The love and warmth that everybody carries within just needs the right environment to be brought out. Coming together in spirit itself creates an atmosphere of celebration.

Life is a very fine balance of learning and unlearning, of being involved and being detached. Finding this delicate balance keeps the freshness alive and that is the Art of Living. When you move in life with a big vision, your connection with Nature is re-established. Though situations are the same, you are ever fresh and different. You no longer watch Nature’s spontaneity unfolding from a distance, you become an expression of it.

Wish you all lots of happiness and enthusiasm in this New Year!



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  1. Navy Gautam

    Dear Gurudev

    I am writing you this letter with responsibility & sincerity. The intent of writing this letter is just to motivate you & to discuss with you that without your involvement & contribution we cannot fight the evil of our society.

    I am just trying to bring your attention so that you can understand the sensitivity of this matter.

    I am a professional & have adequate resources to raise my family but have a desire to support & protect cows in my surrounding areas.

    Cow is our responsibility & we should come forward with a promise that we will adopt one cow in our life. This is just a matter of few bucks per day , which will contribute for food & shelter.

    How : Just select one cow from your locality and meet your nearest Municipal Councillor / Mayor to provide Cow Lifting vehicle to take that cow to nearest Gau Shala and register that cow on your name & start giving donation to Gau Shala management to take care of your cow. Spend some quality time once / twice in a month at Gau shala and meet your family member.

    If we start doing this believe me , there is no need to have dependency on any government / agency and we can save many cows & lives which are going in waste because of accidents due to cows on roads etc.

    By Chanting Lord Krishna Krishna in temples , we are not going to meet Lord Krishna because his best companions is being slaughtered and no one is taking care off .

    I hope by sharing this idea I am trying to motivate others to come forward and just think if you are a real Hindu or have faith in any religion because no religion justify the killing of cows or any animal just to fill our stomach or taste.

    I am not associated with any political party , NGO , Trust , Gaushala or Fund Collection Agency.I can extend my support in the arrangement to meet Municipal Corporation Authorities or arrangement to lift the cows and to register them in the nearest Gaushala along with you , if you adopt one cow in your life.

    I also request you to send this mail (if suitable) to your friends / relatives or any associates just to motivate them to come forward and take responsibility. we all know the benefits in saving lives of cows so I wont discuss in detail.

    1. Seema Sharma

      Mr. Gautam

      Your idea is very good and practical in nature but only require \

      1. Commitment
      2. Willingness

      I appreciate your thought and will try to motivate others to follow your footprints.



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