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Problem’s Solution

November 23, 2000
Art of Living European International Center,
Bad Antogast, Germany

Whenever there is a problem we either deny it saying there is no problem or sit to solve the problem and make it a big issue. Neither of these help. A problem does not disappear when you deny it. And it does not get solved when you sit to solve it.

The 5 steps to solve a problem:

  1. Acknowledge the problem – it is there.
  2. See it as a small problem, and do not say it is big.
  3. If it concerns people, keep in touch with them instead of avoiding them.
  4. Talk less and give time a chance.
  5. Get together and celebrate. When you celebrate and put the problem on the back burner you will see that the problem will get solved by the way.

So it is wise not to sit to solve a problem. Most of the meetings to solve problems end up in disaster.

If you do not have any problem, you will create problems for others! (Laughter) If you have a small problem in your pocket to solve, it will give a focus to your mind. If you do not have any problems, you may be a problem for others.

It is better to have a problem than to be a problem.

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