Meditation Challenge

9-day Meditation Challenge with Gurudev

Enliven and re-energize the nine most essential qualities within you this Navratri.

Sep 26 – Oct 4
7:30pm IST

Day 8 – Meditation To Expand Your Consciousness


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Why should I take this Challenge?

Slipping into meditation isn’t always easy or effortless. Sometimes it happens, many times it doesn’t. But there are times in the year when nature supports you in having a deep meditation experience and Navratri is one of those times. Just like a beautiful starry night is always there, all you need is a cloudless night to experience it.

What’s special about the Navratri Meditations?

Experience 9 Powerful Meditations by Gurudev. Every meditation acknowledges and enlivens a specific quality. Ancient traditions recognized 9 unique qualities and worshipped them as forms of Mother Divine. Meditating on them invokes these qualities within you. Giving you a meditation experience like never before!

  • Person
  • strengthStrength
  • alertnessAlertness
  • creativityCreativity
  • courageCourage & Compassion
  • harmonyHarmony
  • dynamismDynamism
  • brillianceBrilliance
  • perfectionPerfection
  • contentmentContentment

Experience the Navratri Meditation

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