India needs a new revolution

India may have secured political freedom 74 years ago, but the freedom of thought, expression and worship has always been an integral part of her traditions since time immemorial.

The oldest living civilisation of the world, she is young and vibrant in the heart where the eternal wisdom of the Vedas seamlessly coexists with science and technology.

Jallikattu – Lessons from the stir

It’s unfortunate that a spontaneous and genuine public movement for Jallikattu like the “Marina Springs” ended with individuals and organizations with ulterior motives infiltrating the movement and hijacking it. What happened in Chennai must awaken us and serve as a lesson in constructive management of public sentiments.

Layers of Democracy

India with Her billion plus people is the largest democracy in the world. We have elections at various levels – village panchayat, zila parishad, block level, then state and finally, the national level elections. Unfortunately, many people have one yardstick for all of them and elect the same party for everything. But the issues and their scope is different at every level and one cannot have the same yardstick for all these elections. In fact, the strength of democracy is that every sphere can...

Let the race begin… but early!

Every time elections happen in India, the country is thrown into a cauldron of corruption with party-hopping, rebellion, chaos, crime and confusion reigning supreme. Often nominations are announced at the last moment and many voters don’t even get an opportunity to see the faces of their future leaders let alone interact with them. Does the largest democracy of the world need this chaos? Or can we bring in some reforms? Here we cannot forget the revolutionary changes ushered in by the tenth...