Yoga and Meditation Are the Need of the Hour

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Mental health has become one of the biggest issues on the planet today. The COVID pandemic has taken over the world and billions of people are living in lockdown. Yoga and meditation are the best ways to counter the surge in mental health issues in these grim times.

It is imperative to bring the enormous benefits of both yoga and meditation to all corners of the world. Besides helping to build a strong immune system, yoga keeps one physically fit and emotionally stable. It helps one maintain high levels of energy and enthusiasm. We convey more through vibrations than words. Yoga makes our vibrations positive and attractive.

We all have the responsibility to ensure that the opportunity to do Yoga is available to every citizen. Those who have found peace within must share it with everybody else. I urge every yoga student and teacher to reach out to more people and share this precious knowledge. This is how they can do their bit in bringing the lives of people back on the track.

I am glad to know that one-third of the world population is already practicing yoga. I hope that the remaining two-third will also get to adopt these practices. Like cellphones have reached billions of homes worldwide, we must take yoga to every household on the planet.

On this occasion of International Yoga Day, let us renew our dedication to bringing the wisdom of yoga and meditation to everyone. Let us also resolve to spread awareness of the need to respect and protect the environment.

Hopefully, in the coming years, we will be able to assemble in large groups in big parks and do Yoga together and inspire each other. But this year let us be content with the online programs which are happening all over the world.

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