Time to Rethink : Saffron Surge and the Secular Debacle

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“What appears is not and what does not, is” This ancient saying aptly describes the Indian political scenario. The Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) claims to be secular but just peel a few layers and you will find that it is steeped deep in communalism. The BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA), on the other hand, which is accused of communalism, does all that it can to get rid of this label and walk that extra mile. No doubt scams, price rise, all pervading corruption, negative industrial growth (from +10% to -2.5%) and unemployment played a major role, but above all it was the communal attitude of the party and its overt tilt towards the Muslim minority that derailed the UPA.

India in general and Hindus in particular are largely secular, yet in this election they voted out all those parties who espoused secularism. People did not buy into repeated fear psychosis of the communal bogey. Perhaps, the Congress did not expect the Hindu majority to join together as one voice since they have always been divided on linguistic and caste-based lines.

Soon after assuming the Prime Minister’s Office, Dr. Manmohan Singh openly declared that minorities had the first right on India’s resources, driving a dagger through the hearts of Hindus, who had stood by him. Not once, during his entire tenure did the Prime Minister even acknowledge the magnanimity of the majority community. While many complained that they were not treated with dignity, sops were doled out for minorities to the tune of thousands of crores.

Principals were asked to identify minority students and open bank accounts through which scholarships were given. In some states ruled by UPA allies, a child gets Rs. 30,000 just for being from the minority community. This created a wedge in the classroom psyche and caused heartburn to other poor students from the majority. However, no such facilities were extended to the Hindu minority in Jammu & Kashmir and the North East. Poverty and illiteracy have no religion – every religion has poor people. Giving benefits based on religion is unconstitutional and such practises by political parties angered people. ‘The Majority Report’ a thorough research document written by two retired IPS officers (Shri Ram Kumar Ohri and Shri Jai Prakash Sharma) makes an interesting read on the subject.

Many decisions by the UPA proved destructive for institutions that are the foundations for the country’s democracy. Pranab Mukherjee who was the rightful choice for the post of PM was overlooked. PJ Thomas was appointed as Chief Vigilance Commissioner in spite of his bad record. The ruling alliance showed little respect towards the Supreme Court. The government machinery through agencies like Central Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement Directorate was made a tool for vindictive politics. The first family was quick to take credit at every possible opportunity but ended up denigrating the Office of the Prime Minister, which was shocking for the population. There are a lot of honest and well-intentioned people in the Congress but they felt suffocated, sad and disheartened at the state of affairs, as everything was controlled by a small coterie of people.

The proposed Communal Violence Bill presumed that the majority community was always the culprit and its members could be arrested with a non-bailable warrant. UPA came up with several such discriminatory laws. The government also directed public sector banks to be liberal while sanctioning and writing off loans to religious minorities.

The excesses in corruption under UPA kept becoming more and more embarrassing to explain and difficult to hide. Never before have so many files gone missing from important offices. It seems fire had a great affinity for the files of Congress government – the last fire accident happened in its last days while leaving office.

The UPA also showed utter disregard for Indian ethos. India, where the cow has been considered sacred since time immemorial, silently became the number one exporter of beef. This notorious development came as a big jolt. Subsidies were liberally given to beef exporters while farmers were committing suicide.

While minority religious leaders could be seen often with UPA leaders, Hindu saints were disregarded, if not hounded. Moreover, the minorities had full freedom to run their places of worship, but all major Hindu temples were controlled by the government.

The nation witnessed such discrimination under the garb of secularism. There were more communal clashes in states ruled by the secular UPA and its allies. People were fed up of leaders who read out scripted speeches containing the same old rhetoric without delivering on any promises. Rahul Gandhi barely attended the parliament and was never available during any national crisis. In sharp contrast, the conviction and confidence with which Narendra Modi spoke about development was just the change people were looking for. He proudly proclaimed his faith and expressed his commitment to the entire nation. While Congress tried its best to portray him as the perpetrator of the 2002 Gujarat riots, it became clear 10 years later that the Congress head of Godhrawas convicted for the train carnage triggering the violent episode.

Pictures of Mahatma Gandhi feature prominently on Congress hoardings all over the country, but two of his most important ideas – prohibition and banning cow slaughter, have been implemented only in Gujarat under Modi’s leadership. With a solid record in good governance, what further endeared him to the masses was that he spoke from the heart and thus became the natural choice for the people. Coming from a very poor background where his mother was a domestic help, his rise to the highest office of the world’s largest democracy has instilled hope in the poor people of the country.

In Indian society, one often finds a lot of adulation for religious leaders, cricketers and film stars. But the fawning around the Gandhi family in Congress goes way beyond. It is not that Congress has not done any good at all – they took some very progressive initiatives but the volume of wrongdoings washed it all away. It is time for the grand old party to rethink its strategy, get rid of sycophancy and be true to democracy.

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    First of all Jai Gurudev! The observations of Guruji is sacrosanct as he has proven everytime with his sagacity. Next let us come to Dr.Manmohan Singh.Many times Dr. Manmohan Singh erred . True. More than that, Sonia and Rahul supporters made him silent. I think he did a good job as a Finance Minister and also as a Prime Minister. The congress used him thoroughly and in the second term Gagged him up. Please note he was also sick in his later part of the second term. Good that he did not step down. We would have had the ‘ sic ” of a PM. He saved the country from that problem. In addition , the second term was a difficult time to steer but still we clocked around 5%. It would have been better but China superceded us. He did a great service by not stepping down. Respect him for that. There were others in the congress who were also good. In the second term Pranab Could have or should have been given the reign. But Sonia and her stooges did not want a politically savvy PM to emerge. The total team did not deliver. Even now in BJP we have people like … and … who won in constituencies which were sitters for BJP. You all know who these people are. Why are we forgetting that Congress was a plant by the Britishers on poor India. Now, there is a chance for Bharat- Mata to Emerge from her Akhanda exile. In the emotions prevalent at that time people missed out to observe. So, all decisions were to build a system which could be en-cashed by the Family for ages. After emergency and from 1977 till now for about 37 years we have had an opposition rule for just around 10 years approximately. Rest was still Congress and the back-end Leveragers. Now, we are misreading thinking Ram-Rajya has come. I felt the same when in 1977 we campaigned against the Congress and Janata Party won. 2 years only. Back to Family rule. Modi is a whiff of fresh air.But the other BJP are the same but for newer faces who are at present promising. I was stunned when Mr. Advani behaved like what he did. For the present let us not dream. Corporate governance is about delivering results. Can we assume the position of customers and raise our bar of expectation. After giving them such a mandate we all deserve it.

  2. Raman

    Spirituality is beyond all this political discussion. I am not sure why people get tempted to write about politics in spiritual forums. Commenting on politics is like bringing down the divinity of our learning and wasting our prana energy in mundane discussions . Gurujis methods have taught us to effectively utilize and harness our prana maya kosha (sheath ) and reach greater heights in our souls evolution and not to improve our political intellect. All great yogis, mystics, seers and sages from all religions have ultimately taught and converged to the same destination. So let us not forget the actual substance from the teachings of Guruji and Upanishads and delve into the clutches of politics.
    Jai Gurudev

  3. Akash

    Why can’t you stick with religious discourses rather than commenting on all and sundry? We don’t want India to become another Pakistan where Mullahs and swamis rule the roost.
    Please keep to your ashram and yoga.

  4. P. N. Thussu

    It is a great reading. I am too small person to comment on Guruji’s writing, but have come to know about several interesting facts. Now our hope is Mr. Modi and he has Guruji’s blessings.

  5. hari

    100% truth, Guruji means TRUTH. In kerala christian bishops are leading the riots on the streets (about a nature protection report by India govt agency) In kerala education “industry” & Health “industry” is now in the hands of communal merchants. muslims are implementing “their own rules” by cutting the hands of a professor & have freedom to go to pakistan & fight against own motherland.
    As part of vote bank govt & the opposition are doing “anything”.

  6. J Patnaik

    India is blessed to have you, Guruji to show the true colours to Indians and awaken India. Jai Gurudev!

  7. Er. Deepak K Rout

    Laxsmi Ji,

    Verdict shows everything,every part of country realise it.you all have taken 60 years,let’s wait only for 5 years. i am sure,you will realise new defination to be secular.
    New era reached already. close your eye and feel.

  8. Himank

    Excelent blog….
    There are lot of work to do for this country to make it again prosporousnd strong…
    One thing i suggest is to make people of Bharath should know there real history not which we are reading which is written by britishers

  9. Taksh

    Nicely written and very diplometic article.

    I think all the spiritual gurus should make a delegation and request modi ji to make a new ministry: indian ancient science.

    In which yoga, ayurveda, spirituality and religion events should be taken as a heritage of this country. It should be standardised, presearved and promoted by this ministry. All these things can create a billion doller industry in this country and it can benifit millions of the people in all over the world. It also helps india in tourism and foreign affairs.

    I believe that you have the strangth to join all the spiritual leaders together for this initiative.

    Jai gurudev.

    1. Abhiram

      @ Taksh : even i do personally have the same feeling. Our country with such a long treasure and wealth in this area should definitely promote and preserve them through enacted statues.

  10. Lakshmi


    While I agree to a few / many points in your blog, many of the points are off the mark..

    My respect of you as a spiritual leader has come down by notches.. spirituality is beyond religion, but you seem to expound as if hindus are the most persecuted lot in our country..

    1) You have said UPA policies made India turn into the largest exporter of beef.. can you explain? I don’t even touch beef, but just as any agrarian export has increased, so has the export of this increased in India.. How is the UPA Government responsible for this and why are you painting it into a corner?

    2) You have sounded as if Pranab mukherjee could have been a better PM… it is the perogative of the party to decide. He had done a lot of good things in his career..

    But in UPA-2, he was the one who introduced retrospective taxation that brought down the Government’s stature globally, he had gone to the airport to welcome Ramdev before his agitation… he didn’t cut down on the stimulus in time and it resulted in the fiscal deficit going up and the rupee spiralling so high.

    Also there were running feud’s between North and South blocks with hidden mics etc. being found.. Hence, to avoid controversy and to cap his long career with dignity, he was given the post of the President.. it maybe easy for others to sound wise about a past decision, but it was the party and the party president’s call..

    3. You have said that a lot of Hindu leaders were hounded by the UPA.. can you explain? Sadhvi Pragya was not a religious leader, she was part of a group that carried out blasts.. If Kasab can be given death sentence, why should there be a different rule for some other plotters of blasts elsewhere?

    Baba Ramdev who sounds silly and fake in most of his speeches has business interests and his trust had commited IT violations.. Are you taking the side of such people?

    Sir, have you been hounded by the Government at any time? Pls. clarify?

    4) You have mentioned that Modi is clean and the Congress had painted him black.. why did he entertain Maya Kodnani in his cabinet for 2 terms.. if she had led a mob publicly and is serving life sentence, is a CM not even aware of his cabinet colleague having commited such a brutality?

    Why is Sanjeev Baliyan given a cabinet position now?

    4) If any scholarship for minorities is a crime, why are you not apeaking up against OBC / dalit reservations / scholarships?

    I had friends at school, who were wealthy and whose parents were much educated than my parents, but got the advantage of reservations and lower cut-off’s..

    But we understood that certain rules are brought in to help certain communities majority of whom have been backward. Based on studies, minorities are given scholarships.. when did it create such a wedge in classrooms as you mention it?

    UPA had corruption cases and was fighting inflation and a slowing economy after 2 back to back recessions, where many lost jobs throughout the world.. And the UPA minority Government could not take the onslaught and the parliament was grounded by the opposition and even some of its positive policy measures got silenced in the din..

    It was rightly the time for a change as India wanted to stand against corruption and a weak and desperate Government.. and the main opposition with a effective campaigner at the helm has borne the benefit of it.. That is the end of story.. Please don’t bring communalism and secularism to it..

    Winning is not always about what is right..

    1. Krishna Durai

      Dear Ms. Lakshmi, this is a good discussion if the intentions are clear and opinions coming from an unperturbed mind. A few of your points suggest a lack of objectivity. Let me start with the end of your response. “Winning is not always about what is right”. This indicates (a) you are not happy with people’s verdict & (b) you are convinced BJP is in the wrong. Barring a couple of minor points (selection of a cabinet member), you have not bothered to offer any weight of evidence to your stance. Yet you are demanding proof for each one of Sri Sri’s claims. It seems you are not convinced that UPA was corrupt (putting it mildly), or may be you have never heard of 2G and Vadra. Let’s come to the main issue here. You want proof that UPA played religious divide. Just like your refusal to see corruption, if you refuse to hear or seek evidence for the communal role of UPA, no one can prove it to you. Have you seen a single picture of any Congress High Command with a Hindu religious leader (many with Imams). Religion conversion using money as reward, cow slaughter, systematically removing information on Hinduism from school textbooks, the list goes on. Slaughtering animals has to stop as this adversely affects the ecology, health and nutrition and it happens to be part of the culture of this land. Same goes for alcohol. As a society, we have to be smart to know right from wrong but if we simply indulge in kutarka, it will lead us nowhere.

    2. En Suresh

      Dear Lakshmi
      I am assuming you are serious when you raised these points and not just to troll the Author of this piece. If an opinion expressed by someone causes the “Respect to come down several notches” I guess there was none at all in the first place.
      BTW! I am surnell on Twitter and Suresh En on Facebook. So not anonymous at all.

      One thing is evident, you haven’t been reading news (even UPA friendly media) and have been picking news from Indian National Congress Website.

      1. Heard of something called the “Pink Revolution” – Indian Breed (not those Jersey cows types) When Cow slaughter was decriminalized Bos Indicus our native breed has become potentially endangered. Article 48 of the Constitution reads, “The State shall endeavour to organise agriculture and animal husbandry on modern and scientific lines and shall, in particular, take steps for preserving and improving the breeds, and prohibiting the slaughter of cows and calves and other milch and draught cattle” Diluting and not implementing this law has resulted in > 30,000 illegal Slaughterhouse (as against 3.6K legal ones). You can check my Twitter timelines for more details given out from GoI website.
      Take this “1.680 million metric tons was exported. India ranks 5th in the world in beef production, 7th in domestic consumption and 1st in exporting” It has increased a whopping 50% in the previous 5 years. You trying to say our Agrarian Exports has grown in same proportions? Just google for Cattle-Human Population Ratio in 2004 and 2014 (1947 to 2014 ratio would simply shock you and hence asking you to compare on a lesser time scale)

      2) Sadhvi Pragya wasn’t a religious leader? I am sure you are not a certifying authority on this aspect. She professed an activity and lead a life that certainly qualifies as per normally accepted one of a Religious leader. Once again you have not been on top of the news. When NIA (UPA controlled as on Dec 2013) has given a clean chit (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/NIA-to-drop-charges-against-Sadhvi-Pragya-Singh/articleshow/28023559.cms) I guess we need no more discussions on this.
      On Baba Ramdev sounding silly & fake, I guess assuming for argument purposes he does, you just beat him to that by miles 🙂
      Yes, there has been needless attempts by UPA folks to go after Art of Living too, but they came croppers as they could find nothing awry. Did you forget that famous UPA instigated Media tirade against Sri Sri? Agreed He is Omnipresent but He had no inclination be in Vadodara on a date (that UPA complained to EC) He was giving a discourse on Bhagavad Gita in Bali.Check every single article which had headline Sri Sri, but the body of the article never had a single mention (Yes, having His name up there, sells 🙂 Sri Sri Ayurveda College was hounded but they had to go back empty handed each time.
      BTW! For every such examples that you have provided, can I quote 100 more where other denominations (appeased populace) went Scot-free?

      3) On this point, I attribute it to your Naivety and again News-Ignorance. There are 1000s of accusations mostly Political) on every leader worth his salt. We would run this country without any Minister or cabinet if all of them were to be excluded. And you could correct the statement – Ex-Minister Maya Kodnani and not Minister. That explains?

      4) Was that a serious question at all? Scholarships based on Religion and on Cast basis is being compared? Grow up lady! Creamy layers are excluded even in OBC/Dalit (whatever you meant there). Every religion is entitled under that. And then a separate Religion based one is simply appeasement.
      And there is no question of Your wrong is better than My wrong in this case. Law provisioned for appeasement (Religion based) and Law provisioned by founding fathers of our Constitution based on realities are not apple-apple comparison. Nice to know you were in School 🙂 Till I read that line, I seriously suspected that 😉

      On their corruption and their fights, there has been reams written on why the Creation of a Monster backfired. Don’t blame Opposition party for inability to govern. You are making a virtue of UPA fighting Corruption cases. ROFL! Hey if you are corrupt you will be sued and you will have to defend the cases. Why blame Opposition, as if they forced UPA to be corrupt? On what those so-called rights based freebies did economically (and on the social fabric) please google for RTE, NREGA and look for expert opinions (not INC’s Political propaganda). Anyway, people did not fall for propaganda.

      Winning is not about what is right! That is a loser line and an insult to the Democracy that we are. If the same population had voted for UPA-3 your line would have been Winning is all about What is right! Yes it is the case even now.

      Finally thanks a million Gurudev Sri Sri for this piece. Time to do away with these hackneyed and misplaced definitions of Secularism. Your article has just done that. And the Citizens of this Great Nation response is endorsement of that thoughts.

      Pranams and Namaskaaras!

      1. Rakhi

        Very good reply for ignorant people. Not sure how can they make judgements without knowing facts. Look at their guts they hav the boldness to counter SriSri’s remarks, one who works in the entire length n breadth of India n outside. Some people just come up with their small mindset n vomit out.

    3. Nakul Dhawan

      Dear Lakshmi,

      There are no ‘off the mark’ points in this article. My responses below:

      1) Under UPA, there was no tax or excise for the transportation of beef from the place of to the port, but such taxes are imposed on other goods. Beef export has been given 70% subsidy, which is not given to other goods. The bovine meat export from India touched 8.05 lakh tonnes in 2011. Since independence, over 100 varieties of cows have gone extinct and the cow population is down by 80%. Exporting beef also goes against Articles 48A and 51(G) of the Constitution.

      2) The party had no voice. The government was virtually being controlled by a single person and aide, Ahmad Patel. If you speak to them, Congress members will themselves tell you how traumatised they were. Sri Sri is not saying Pranab Mukherjee did not make mistakes. Sonia never trusted him and he was overlooked for the post of PM.

      3) Several journalists were told to write negatively about Sri Sri. Sri Sri’s Ayurveda College, which has a 93% pass percentage and had 6 out of the top 10 ranks last year, was investigated by CBI in an effort to revoke its accreditation. The College easily won the case in High Court.

      While Sri Sri was honored in various countries, Indian ambassadors to those countries were told not to participate in such events. When he was invited by Benaras Hindu University, the VC was asked to cancel the event. An NGO in Amethi also invited Sri Sri for their Silver Jubilee function. The Governor asked them to retract their invitation otherwise all grants to them would be stopped.

      Congress complained to the Election Commission about him holding a rally in Vadodara when he was not even present in the country.

      4) Narendra Modi himself has already answered the question about Maya Kodnani.

      5) Scholarships should be given based on economic condition and not on religion. There is a creamy layer in OBC/SC which is exempt. Please read ‘Majority Report’ and spend a few days in UP and Kerala schools and you will yourself come to know if these policies are causing any wedge in the classroom.

      Sri Sri has written this article not to accuse the Congress but to offer a suggestion to look within and improve. If you don’t recognize strongly rooted communalism, you can’t be secular. Sri Sri is not bringing out communalism, only pointing that it’s already there, so that they can get rid of it.

      1. Lakshmi


        I am overwhelmed by the replies to my comments from many of you. Some of you have very charitably called me ill-intentioned and labelled me as a troll and in fact, I sound like a alien being the lone dissenting voice here. I fully understand that the blog was a message to Guruji’s followers and I do not want to make it a free for all here.

        I have always admired Sri Sri and respected him as a gentler and wise spiritual guru in the mould of Swami Vivekananda, whose teachings have helped people to relieve stress & live a meaningful life and helped blend our traditional values in these modern times. The body of work that the Art of Living foundation has undertaken related to conflict resolution, poverty alleviation, empowerment of women, education and reviving Indian traditional arts is greatly commendable and I admired even when he intervened and tried to resolve the stalemate during the anti corruption movement.

        I am not qualified to criticize someone who has achieved so much in life and it is not my endeavour as well. I respect the point that he has asked Congress to look within and it should or become a footnote in history.

        But just as all of you look up to Guruji with veneration, some like me also greatly admire Dr. Manmohan Singh as someone, who has risen from humble background by the strength of his intellect and intelligence and had stayed a soft-spoken and modest person,well aware of his limitations and work hard for our country in his capacity .. To me, he is a great idol and will always stay the same.. he was the PM for 10 long, difficult years and he has been well respected by many contemporary world leaders. I request you all to be respectful of our sentiments as well, even if people like me may be few in numbers.

        The blog paints Manmohan Singh as the Aurangazeb of modern India and his Government as standing up only for minorities and I feel it is so unfair. It is hard to believe that the Government stood to single out and discredit a spiritual foundation like yours and that too abroad..
        Many have harped on the Pink revolution as if it is a plot that was hatched by his government, but India has become the world’s third largest economy ahead of Japan, Germany etc. and even today, I was reading that India has become the world’s second largest textile producer ahead of Germany.. none of that has been highlighted except the export of beef.. I request you all to not be very judgemental and one-sided.

        Under Dr. Manmohan Singh, liberalization was started.. we had fast paced growth and many IIT’s, IIM’s, AIIMS etc. were established, Rural health mission and urban renewal mission were great initiatives and you can’t take away all of that as ineffective (even Aadhaar is nowadays painted as a wasted expenditure by many).. India was freed from nuclear apartheid and energy production, FDI etc. hit an all time high..

        There were no doubt great corruption allegations and I do not carry a candle for the misdeeds of his Government or the limitations / transgressions of Manmohan Singh which have been the staple of so many media debates.. And as you sow, so you reap and hence Indian democracy has shown that there is no place for corruption and Congress which has become synonymous with corruption.. aad if it has to stay relevant, Congress has to accept its failings and try to connect with people with honesty.

        But what I have always looked down upon the shrill rhetoric and finger-pointing of BJP.. and I am entitled to my opinion. But that is not to say that I do not respect the will of the collective Indian democracy.

        I respect the will of my country and I respect my Government as a citizen – I have been pleasantly surprised by the acts of the new Government in the first 10 days.. the hand of friendship extended to SAARC leaders, representation of women in the new cabinet etc. and I am positive about Modi’s bold and honest work ethic and administrative skills, which none of his critics ever had questioned even before. Hoping the good work is carried forward and we emerge a strong nation. Here’s to new beginnings.

        1. jyothi

          Gr8 reply Suresh!Kudos to the finely crafted chop to Lakshmi’s thoughtless banter.I am shocked at the blocked vision of the lady.UPA was the country’s nemesis and doom -the biggest after the British Regime to say the least.When J.Jayalalitha, the CM of T.N. had asked a decade back if we really need another foreign rule,some people fell on her right words like a ton of bricks then.Was the Lady not right in her query?We have enough dynamic and committed brains to run the country and certainly do not need outsiders to lead us.
          Guruji is Truth.Need we say more?

        2. jyothi

          Lakshmi…where was your Idol when Nirbhaya was torn to shreds after such a traumatic and shameful bus journey?Who prevented him from coming out in sympathy?Mr.Singh was the last nail on India’s slaughtered psyche.No sensible person worth the name would hold rigid opinions about any issue-you seem to be a die hard fan of the old man who has to his credit a tarnished name of being the puppet in the hands of AN ENTIRE FIRST FAMILY.

  11. Debjani Chakrabarti

    You have brought out some fierce truths in a very bold and honest way inspiring a million others just to write with the same heart-felt courage. I have always wondered why doesn’t Sri Sri write some strong blogs and make people think deeply through some of the happenings that the UPA government really brought about to generate and perpetrate the misery of the country? Here it comes with your name and attestation. Very proud of you and please do enlighten us with your wisdom, guidance and truth as the Modi government aims for a New India in the making!! Jai Gurudev!

  12. Praveen

    A very nice summary and suggestion to Congress, provided they have time apart from “servicing” a family ! We definitely need a able and honest opposition, hope that happens. The other information shocking on how one community (which definition itself becomes communal) was made spineless with so many freebies, is an eye opener.
    Also, read some amazing facts(e-book) on how things were dealt w.r.to the Hon. Indian Prime Minister, Mr.Modi at http://www.manushi.in/.
    This words majority and minority should be wiped out and an administrator needs to see all citizens as same, which the PM has done in Gujarat.

  13. Vishal Handa

    Every thing is Rightly Said ! Best Wishes to Prime Minister Narinder Modi ! He has united The Bharat and become an Inspiration to youth . I hope he will be working towards the development of all and it should be on the Bases of Poverty not on the Bases of Religion or Caste.

    Hope Congress should understand it but the chances of which is too little. They will keep on playing Communal Game .

  14. bhawna

    You have made some very valid points here. Slowly but surely India is on its way to the glorious youturn! Thanks to leaders like you, I feel safe and empowered. Keep writing


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