Telangana – Divide and Rule?

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India is a phenomenon – the largest democracy on Earth, with a plethora of cultural, religious and linguistic diversity. It is simply a miracle that It still exists united, unlike the former Yugoslavian and Soviet countries. Though our forefathers had wisely divided the nation on linguistic basis for ease of administration and communication, the huge population and distances have forced many states to be further divided. One such crisis in the current scenario is Telangana. The situation of Telangana is very peculiar unlike Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand had to be carved out of UP as people in the hilly terrain of Tehri and Garhwal would take almost two days to reach the capital city, where most of the bureaucracy is situated. So it was justified that people of Uttarakhand wanted a separate state so that governance could be more efficient and communication more effective, giving a boost to economy and development in the region. The farther cities and towns are from the capital, the more they tend to get neglected with almost non-existent governance in some cases.

It was a similar case in Bihar where far flung areas, now in the state of Jharkhand, were considered a punishment posting for officers.  For the sake of good governance and prosperity, the carving of Jharkhand was totally justified. The same applies to the case of Chhattisgarh. It is the people of Chhattisgarh who wanted to separate and the Madhya Pradesh government accepted that demand for it was that much less burden on Bhopal. Due to lack of infrastructure the border districts of many states are not accessible and welfare is ignored, though not intentionally. To prevent disgruntlement in the far away districts due to this, Karnataka even shifted its capital for a few months to Belgaon, which had a tendency to join Maharashtra.


Coming to the Telangana issue, it is completely opposite. Here the capital city – Hyderabad is in Telangana, and all the investment and development has poured into it. Over a third of the economy of the entire state is based in the capital. This being the condition, it is the coastal Andhra or Rayal Seema people who should have demanded a separate state for self governance. While these two regions do not want to separate, there is no logic for people in the capital not wanting to have their association with Andhra. It doesn’t make much sense why a government would want to abdicate parts of its own state while states like Nagaland are demanding inclusion of more districts from other states for Greater Nagaland. It appears completely unfair to push away people when they want to be a part of united Andhra Pradesh. If the Nizam was alive, he would have loved to have more area in his state rather than shrink it. Usually it is the children who want to separate from the joint family but in this case it is the father who is pushing them away. For what benefit? The basis of separation is not very clear other than for vote bank politics.

One of the main grievances of Telangana is that the people of Seemandhra dominate almost every aspect of the state. No one from Telangana was ever stopped from getting involved in the political or economic arena of the state. The talented and hardworking will always capture attention wherever they are, just like Gujaratis, Parsis, Jains and Marwadis are dominant almost everywhere.

There are pockets of underdeveloped areas everywhere. There are slums even in Hyderabad, though equal opportunities are available to everyone. Time bound reservation packages for the upliftment of the community could also have addressed any such grievances. All in all, to an onlooker, the reason for separation remains a puzzle. The language and culture being the same across Andhra Pradesh, it remains to be seen how the bifurcation will work out because there has been such an intermixing of people from one area to another.

There is an ancient Sanskrit saying,

“Yo vai bhuma tat sukham, na alpe sukham asti”

That which is big and great is joyful; there is no joy in being small.

Just because the people of a region are dominating, pushing them away does not solve everything. The long term development of any region will only happen through education and empowerment, not through division.

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  1. kcr daughter kavitha

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  2. Manivannan

    As an outsider settled in the Telengana region and a close observer of the happenings, I can clearly see these are the cause of bifurcation:

    Though Hyderabad is developed for and by all the telugu people and belongs to all the telugus, the People from the Telengana region are made to believe by the politicians that if they drive out their fellow Seemandra telugus, they can then have less competition and unfairly grab the Seemandra telugus jobs and resources. Though this is the root cause, a lot of stories are cooked up and circulated. Naturally the telenganites believed them and spread them because they thought is is advantageous to them.

    The bottomline is that some telugus are turned against themselves so that Telengana politicians can loot their region more conveniently.

    In Seemandra, the foolish telugus are ready to make the most corrupt jailbird politician who looted them massively as their CM too!!!

    1. Jayadev G A G

      @Manivannan: You are correct.

      Led by Telangana politicians, people of Telangana acted on the belief that “if they drive out from Hyderabad Telugu people of RayalaSeema-Andhra regions, Telangana people will have less competition in education, employment, and elections and can grab hundreds of thousands of government and private sector jobs as well as thousands of billions of rupees worth residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial assets that would be left behind by the exiting Telugus from Rayala Seema-Andhra”.

  3. Ashok

    The politicians have been able to poison the minds of the some telugus and turned them against themselves using the name of region for political advantages. And the poor telugus succumbed to this high-pitched deceitful propaganda machinery and started spreading the poison themselves until more people got influenced in a domino effect. Unfortunately, there is nothing new in this divide and rule policy. Politicians and dictators of all hues have been able to successfully using this since ages. In Germany, the most barbaric dictator the world has known, Hitler and his Nazi Party have been able to use their Propaganda Machinery to gain popular support of the majority in the country and committed the most heinous crimes the world has known. It later became known to the Germans and the rest of the world that Hitlers propaganda machinery has been able to brainwash people into believing complete lies – but the damage has been done. In a different scale and perspective, damage has also been done to the Telugu people. The naivety of the common man is legendary and the achilles heel of democracy – though its the best solution so far in spite of this shortcoming. Another politician in the seemandhra region accused of massive loot of the telugu peoples property when his father was CM has gone to jail on the basis of irrefutable evidence. He has then setup his own propaganda organizations and started brainwashing the telugu people through his propaganda-newspaper and TV Channel into believing that he is a saint. The propaganda is successful and the innocent telugus got fooled again! The stage is set for further looting.

    May God Save the Telugus…from themselves!!!

  4. Haley

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    Un-balenced comments. guruji is talking only in favor of the rich people. In addition to your overseas trips, please pay attention and visit to various small parts of Telangana as well to know more. I am sure once you are done you will change your comments what is made in this blog. No one is asking the seemandhra people to leave as you have mentioned in the blog that asking to go. No one is asking and telling the seemandhra people to leave. Every Indian citizen had right to stay where ever they want. As the say goes small is beautiful, so it would be very helpful to all with bifurcation. And it is not a bifurcation, just it is a demerger perticularly with regard to this issue. Please look at the history it was Hyderabad state.
    I am very much deeply hurted with your comments in the blog. I believe you had been provided with a totally one side info. Please pay a visit to telangana area and comment….it is not that just marwaris , Sindhis etc. are intelligent. One of the reason would be the telangana people are in the nizam ruled area and where as seemandhra region was in British ruled area. As the president said we can not keep all the people in single place.

    As the say goes always the truth wins so today is the formation of Telangana. It has been approved by the Indian parliament and has assent by the the respected India president. It is not a very easy / small task that has been approved by the parliament and further approval by president.

    Thank you for allowing to express my views.

  6. Dharani

    Is it Really Telegana State and Seema Andhra States Develops?… Only the Politicians will develop… and both sides became cheap out of all states…. That is the thing happened .. Nothing else… Both side politicians played the game….

  7. Vindhya

    Funny to see folks advising Guruji, asking him to get his facts right! I guess being over passionate about their beliefs has blurred their vision to look at things from a holistic larger perspective.

    Sri Sri is such a centered spiritual Guru who will only speak what is right and what is good for the society in the long-term.

    He is a selfless person who wants nothing for himself, but who works tirelessly for the upliftment of people.

    It is a matter of time for folks who disagree with Guruji to understand the truth. Someday they will realize that what Sri Sri said was absolutely right!


  8. saradadevi

    I suggest you to read

    ”The story of the Integration of the Indian States’ by VP Menon, 1956 (Orient Longmans publication)

    This separation of two states (which has been on the cards over a decade) (struggle over a 6 decades) ( Telisi…Telisi …Telisi) caused me immense pain. Like me there are 5 crore people. My pain is not due to the fear of loosing some water or minerals or due to the deficit budget of Andhra Pradesham. It is deeper.

    I wish my people of Telangana all the best. Doors are always open for all of us to merge once again.
    -One Seemandhraite

  9. kirti

    All said and done. Division is always reducing the strength. The logic of more states and hence better administration is absurd. We have always been taught ‘United we Stand Divided we Fall’. Why do we not look at being more inclusive in our approach and look at ourselves as we thrive on the GOODs in each part of the countries positives.

    The administrators give a shamefull reason for coming to such decisions of divisive politics. Where will it all stop? My house a State in itself? or An Independent Country?

    Well it is also the petty thoughts of us humanbeings resulting in all this divisions. On the otherhand let us also see what is happening elsewhere, the formation of EU. Joining hands working together for the upliftment of the region and it’s people.

    In short, if we – as in we the people! want to think small and think of myself then nothing stops us from drawing lines within our own homes.

    I am from Andhra, Born in Jamshedpur, Schooling and college and first job in Orissa, 14 yrs of successful career in Calcutta (even that is now Kolkata), own house there, 14 yrs in Delhi now, Married to a nice person from Bihar having a best Friend from J&K and Delhi also and many more all over the world. What state should I fight for and where do I belong?

    Wake up guys… let us find make and believe in creating happiness by looking at one and all as one of our own.

    Any Takers!!?

  10. Venkat

    Lets see How much they can prosper in the coming years.
    Let their Would-be CM put the deadlines for all the expected Development & the Upliftment of the Telangana people ( Politically & Economically ).
    Then we can discuss on all he above statements.

  11. prasad csv

    I am a Hyderabadi since 1965, settled at Bangalore for 20 yrs. So I have no personal interests left at Hyderabad anymore. Mine is a clear unbiased opinion. The days are not far when the real people of Telangana will realise that the KCR family just wants to loot the riches of Hyderabad for their self gratification. You will see the real drama one year hence. After a decade you will see nothing changed in far flung Adilabad etc. The same package, tax benefits etc etc could have been provided with more focussed approach and handing over the Telangana to a separate Board headed by KCR to administer the package without putting burden of two state, two capitals, issues of water sharing, revenue sharing etc etc. What is the point in giving package to Seemandhra? is KCR going to spend on developing far flung areas of Adilabad, forest areas of Khammam infested with Naxals? No he has eyes only on Hyderabad, which his family can loot happily. By the way it has been happening for the past two years already as shown on tv news regarding land settlements in Jubilee Hills area.

  12. Manjit Keshari Nayak

    Sorry but I do not come from your state or the new state,but I would like to ask if the center will be giving funds to your new state gathered out of taxes collected from other regions, shouldn’t those regions be asking for a separation from this country so that they could control their own resources ? That would be a terrible message passed on to the future generations. By divide and rule we are week and vulnerable and we gain nothing out of it. One can take examples from the stories of Mahabharat till the modern day partition of India. The smaller you are the more cornered, week and unstable you shall be. The non delivering system of this country is the real problem and instead of revolting for a change in this country’s system we are actually providing the corrupt factions under it more leverage to rule for eternity by such thoughtless blunders of nation’s united culture.

  13. Ashutosh Saxena

    We blame the British for the “Divide & Rule” thinking, but if we look
    into our own families and the way we manage people our companies, we
    do groupism at workplace to be effective bosses and parents often make
    favourite within homes to truss their importance. When leaders,
    parents & teachers donot have enough GRAVITAS within themselves to
    lead or set example, something uniquely Indian tells us to start
    breaking down the Lego game like the child does to make it elementary
    and easy. Parents play separatist politics at home keep their position
    leveraged, Teachers bunch up the sharp kids v/s back benchers, in
    residential colonies we separate rowdy kids from the decent and the
    good girls from the not so nice and so on. Its ofcourse EASY to have
    smaller sections to govern the bigger puzzle is complex to handle. We
    donot have Statesmen who can say the cause of India is above all, we
    donot have local leaders and teachers who say, despite our
    inequalities we got this GREAT CHANCE of Birth as fellow Indians, lets
    rejoice and pull each other out of our shortfalls and economic
    disparities. No matter what the History of Telengana, Uttarakhand,
    Bihar or any state, the great land of India and the most Pious cause
    of India gets an Incision. Lets identify leaders who Unify us, who see
    as as all one Brother and sister, not who dissects the Motherland.

  14. pavani

    guruji, all have lot of faith when you are at satsang and ask questions and when you answer they feel good and take it. but why are they differing and advicing you not to involve. is spirituality not related to our living .? is that not we have to inculcate?? and what i got is spirituality is nothing but oneness and filled with love and compassion and this is to be applied in our daily ,more clearly every moment of our life. is it not guruji??

    and here in this issue two different opinions and they get hurt if one opinion is supported and i feel nature had shown that with lot of disturbance separation is happening ,so it is away from natural and can we take that way guruji???

    and during seperation of India and Pakistan also lot of disturbance where lot people pained and still after so many years also we both countries couldn’t build good relationship. first they are also part of us but with this separation both moved away carrying it to generations as separation did not happen peacefully, i believe. is it not guruji?? and the same should repeat ? what can be done ? please suggest.

  15. Manohar Jha

    Very Sincere comment RAMESH.

    The facts of non-duality / absolute can not be questioned when it comes out of an enlightened master but if the Master comments on events of dualistic world, counter comments are obvious.

    Guruji says often, don’t judge a person by his act but by his intention.

    With this blog, Guruji’s intention is to attract more people on his blog and reach out to larger mass with his Sudharshan Kriya and teachings. He generally raises voices in sensitive and high profile matters such as Baba Ramdev fast, Anna’s fasts, Asaram Bapu’s arrest etc…. It is all marketing.

    But Intentions are unquestionable. OM!

  16. Murthy

    Shri Sathya Sai Baba Said! We didn’t listen!
    Guruji Sri Sri Said. We didn’t listen!

    Surprised to see the preaching to Guru here! My sincere apologies to Guruji Sri Sri on behalf of emotional minds.

    When we fail to show our belonging, there always a demon ready to make split between two families or brothers. We ignored Gurur Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara! and believed Italian is Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara.

    May God Bless. Entire telugu family recover soon from this lesson and pain of separation.

  17. g pramod kumar

    sorry Guruji, some questions..
    1. does all sanskrit sayings are sacred?
    2. is it wrong for Telangana people to demand for his self administration?
    3. is every intelligent man is sincere, disciplined, good man?
    4. telugu speaking people will live peacefully, friendly in two seperate states, is’t it acceptible for you.

  18. PG Reddyt

    Guruji: Namskar. You are a Guruji. No one insults you or looks down or ridicules you. People of Telangana are. You probably don’t see Telugu movies. They are the reflections of what SA people think about Telangana, rowdies, uncivilized people that had to be taught culture, etc. Guruji: SA people clean sweep lot of facts as trivial and ignore Telangana people’s feelings. Gove. employment is 80% captured by SA people. They are partial to their own kind. There are industries in HYD but they bring their own people and employ them. They rarely hire Telangana people. You can clean sweep these as “Telangana people’s lack of talent and hard work”. Guruji, if you were not a Guru and preach but were a social worker working with the disadvantaged Telanganaites you would have understood their plight and sympathized with their desire for self rule.
    Telangana has been saying it isn’t people division but administrative division. So, why are you and others so concerned about T-State? Nothing much will change other than injustices of colonization and domination. When Andhra separated from Madras, most all Telugus in Madras remained there. So, will all migrated Andhras in Hyderabad will stay in Hyderabad. If you noticed not a single SA person was hurt in this period in spite of politicians raising all kind of hatred. If SA leaders look after giving good governance to their region’s people and stay out meddling in Telangana politics, SA people in Telangana will become Telanganaites and accepted just as Parsis, Punjabis, Gujrathis, Persians etc are absorbed in Telangana as their own. So, Guruji, Please stay out of division Politics. Your highness may be diluted than accomplishing anything. Please teach us how to be united and live justly with your preachings.

  19. Gokul

    Dont know about him being CM. But thelugu people have voted for him to be PM. Congress has ignored his contribution to Country,
    Disrespected even his dead body.

  20. venkatesh

    I think you have belittled telangana people. I am sorry to say that, prior checking the facts, comments are made. Please stop making statements that hurt a large portion of society. I never thought u would take a stand against telangana.

  21. pavani

    i completely agree with Guruji and i feel all the replies given had their own prior thoughts which are already imbibed in their minds either those supporting division or unity.
    as per my view i feel the things happened during separation are not favouring separation. if really separation is needed it happens smoothly , if it is not so we are forcing something that should not happen.
    my prior importance is democracy in the country which showed up its status in more worser way during the A.P.separation bill in the loksabha.don’t you all feel the same?/
    why separation? and who is going to gain in this? this is politicians drama for their power and greediness and why telangana people can’t talk on their rights rather than separation and why they feel someone is dominating them and they can dominate if you allow and feeling inferior and to separate on that purpose is meaningless and you are insulting yourself.
    and do you think after separation we would be peaceful ? we would now see news regarding those unsolved issues and we wasted lot of energies and time in this quarrel and rather than doing all this it would have been better if they had worked out on developing villages and the force they showed to separate can be shown in getting their rights.
    and what guruji said is absolutely right as he has more overall view rather than all of us and he is not biased and he talks from his heart and this is known to all of us and only thing is we have to check with clear mind why are we opposing guruji’s thought and keep on questioning yourself, after separation is that all children in telangana would have equal rights and all people would be stress free and everything will be natural and preserve nature to its original state??
    even if united what happens ? we all together can plan for bringing up our villages to old glory with more awareness by preserving our culture and we people should be responsible and alert to avoid unnecessary toil happening in our state. let us visualise things broadly and not on sentiments and provokings.
    nobody is interested to ask these politicians what they are going to do for growth and development?? for that point i would even say we are not even clear what we want as development?? airports,flyovers, metro trains more huge buildings and pollution creating vehicles,etc are all this —??
    we are neglecting our future, the child , who is undergoing lot of stress due to unnatural methods of education, food habits, polluted environment and now showing separation as solutions ,and that too undemocratic way , a way they can follow in their future and where are we going ??? let us all have a thought about it

  22. satish

    With outmost respect for Guruji..I disgree with should have travelled to Telangana also before writing this and coming to a conclusion. In my view Guruji s image just dropped a little low with this blog. With all due respect to his and everybody elses comments.I am hoping I am entitled to mine.

  23. Ramesh Rath

    50 years back the people of the region agitated for amalgamation It is like separation of a family .It is painful and disturbing to say the least Claims and counter claims over Natural and economic resources & opportunities should not create bad blood

  24. Name*

    I’m really shocked to read such unbalanced and biased comments made by none other than H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar regarding the formation of T-state. Pardon me Guruji, but I have to speak out the truth and fight for it when there is any threat to it from any quarter whatsoever!

    This post by Guruji clearly reveals His total lack of socio-political, historical, economic and cultural awareness of the two distinct (rather three, I should say) regions of Telangana and SeemaAndhra. I strongly urge Guruji not to base His arguments on the mainstream media reports which are totally in the grip of imperial rulers, big corporate houses and the crony capitalists.

    “No one from Telangana was ever stopped from getting involved in the political or economic arena of the state. The talented and hardworking will always capture attention wherever they are, just like Gujaratis, Parsis, Jains and Marwadis are dominant almost everywhere.”… The language and culture being the same across Andhra Pradesh, it remains to be seen how the bifurcation will work out because there has been such an intermixing of people from one area to another.”

    The two statements above made by Guruji are totally false, farcical, baseless and immature.

    I’m extremely sorry Guruji, you’ve hurt the sentiments of the people of Telangana by your totally objectionable and unsubstantiated and unjustifiable arguments.

    I humbly request the Holy Guruji to be extra cautious and conscientious when He is crossing the spiritual boundaries while entering the socio-political realms, and making public discourses.

  25. Anji

    Chenna Reddy was twice a chief minister.
    PVN was such a fantastic PM but you didnot demand HYD ariport to be named after him.

  26. Ramakanth

    Dear Guruji, your opinion is totally wrong. once please do address worries of Telangana people then sure you will change your opinion. What you said was right up to some extent but seemandhra people dominate and they reserve government positions to their fellow men. when it comes to funds, they are being used to develop seemandhra projects. There are many reasons behind the demand for Telangana.

    Then y did many students sacrificed their life for Telangana?????????
    Why were they so depressed or deprived for telangana?????
    How can one judge without the knowledge or facts of both sides.

  27. Naresh

    Though my repect and love for guruji is enormous,but i would like to defer with guruji on telengana matter,guruju must check facts on the issue, andhra state was merged into hyderabad state (present day telengana) there were apprehensions from telengana region that there oppurtunities might be exploited in an enlarged state because of which gentle man agreement came o the fore ,since from day these aggrements were bulldozed ,there were agitations self sacrifices on many occasions agitating telengana people were reconciled by drafting some legislations,it was because of the narrow mindedness of the andhra politicans & their vested interests brought the state to such a situation to forcefully part away from the rest of the andhra region

    iam so much pained by the comments of guruji that hardworking & talented people shine anywhere does it mean telengana people are not talented hardworking ,telengana people flourished in sholapur bhiwandi surat nanded amaravati nasik madhya pradesh in all areas business politics,it becomes very obvious why they could not came to the fore in AP

    sad situation is that telengana people were reduced to a minorty in an enlarged state ,SA folks exploited telengana oppurtunities with fake nativity certificates which was proved by girglani commission, the common attitude of the andhrites also contributed for the bifurcation ,they made telengana people inferior in their own region by assaulting on telengana dialect

    many commissions proved the injustice done to telengana region ,sad that guruji never mentioned it ,how guruji missed this point iam a bit amazed

    iam sure guruji might have reached to this conclusion by reading news papers and watching news channels ,which are paid ones & majority of them are owned by SA business men ,guruji ground reality is something different iam sure if you visit telengana areas you will change you opinion

    taleneted students studying in osmania campus who could have easily got high profile jobs post their education but they committed suicides by not able to digest the injustice done to their reggion

    no doubt some political calculation taken place in passing the T bill but to say it is the whole reason without gauging the ground reality makes obvious some one is not correct & their facts are not in place

    dear guruji my intention is not to hold you wrong but iam pained by your views on the telengana issue ,which has every reason to get seperated ,please study the facts & history of telengana

    guruji i have the greatest love for you in my heart,pardon me if you are hurt with my comments anywhere

  28. Phani

    Hi Vardhan,

    Caste based or favoritism or biased or selfish politics are not unique features on any region. They are unfortunately part of thought from childhood. If you chose to follow the personality development part of education you get wise sooner or chose to follow societal divide which is nonsense we become that. We make smaller groups of priority/self-interest to preserve our comfort zone or to feel more secured, which might be our personal thought and cannot again be a feature of any region. Its everywhere, it might be our ignorance or innocence in few cases .
    If Telangana really develops by being a separate state then the cause would be justified or else left to your imagination..Thanks…

  29. Bikram Singh

    The problem of econimical inequality and disparity require special measures. Carving out smaller states improve administration and economical problems do not get solved by that.If that has been true Nexalite problem in Chhattisgarh and Devastation in Uttrakhand had been handled efficiently.

  30. Prudvi

    @ Vardhan ..Awesomeness in your words…Perfectly mentioned. Seema-Andhra people should actually accept the fact and let Go. JGD!!

  31. vardhan

    I would differ with Sri Sri opinion, the perception of things from one sees from long is lot different from ground reality; If u see that Telangana people demand is unjust demand and borne out of selfish motives, then I dare say SRI SRI is wrong. Andhra Pradesh politics are divided along caste lines; people who vote for their caste in turn these elected representatives will do undue favor’s in the form of contracts and money, govt jobs, water , allocating funds to their respective regions . One example I want to give here, on Godhavari river Sri ramsagar project has been built 4 decades ago still canals are not been dug not because of lack of funds but because of ill motive ones canal been dug water goes to that districts and water wouldn’t go down…. Similarly people in Andhra region are have strange mind set who are ready to vote Jaganmohan reddy and who has set to become next CM of residual state of Andhrapradesh who is most corrupt MP in entire India…Here division is only for administration convenience and protecting people rights and self-respect that is the reason India wanted independence and now Telangana got independence from Andhra caste based politicians it is our freedom… And I also request Sri Sri to ponder over what made the Ruling party and opposition party to jointly to passes the Telangana bill? is it for their poltical gains or for protecting rights of people??

    1. p.bhanumurthy

      half the dead storage is silted up.the location is not correct,so during floods
      it gets silted maharashtra has constructed dams in the foreshore
      area..people object for polavaram project.its ideal and the flood flow canal
      can irrigate krishna delta.,sothat upper reaches can use these surplus waters.

  32. rabindra sharma

    Guruji has in the simplest way told the truth and truth does hurt those who have vested interest. The mindless division is creating a division of the people.

  33. NBReddy

    Guruji, if you travel in Telangana districts we are sure you will change your opinion, they never allow Telangana people to raise in politics, jobs, cinema,industry ,any field totally biased people. Even.PVNarasimha rao who could become PM was not allowed as CM beyond 1 year. .

  34. Vivek


    A person like you is expected to speak truth only after analyzing & understanding the ground realities. Writing a blog from imagination, with no facts, is no good for any.

    1. Sagar

      nothing against you friend but Guruji is very well aware about ground realities, just back from 4 days rail yatra, gurudev met 1000s of ppl across Andhra. What he stated also cannot be ignored. He has put point correctly. Thanks.


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