Nepal Earthquake Relief Efforts

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Trauma Relief Effort

Day 11

The first dispatch left for Sindhupalchowk District early at 3 am with a team of volunteers and sacks of rice, blankets, medicines and sanitary products and later another team went to a different area in Sindhupalchowk. They distributed tents and food and conducted trauma relief sessions. A volunteer also left early morning for Kavre with tents.

A truck load of tents, blankets and medicines were dispatched to Dhading District to the Art of Living team stationed there. Upon request from a local person, another team of volunteers headed off to Dhading to deliver rice sacks and conduct trauma relief. However, the team could not distribute the rice themselves nor could they conduct trauma relief there as the person who came with request kept the rice in a godown saying he would distribute it himself. He also said that people are not available for the trauma relief session. The man ran off and our team could do nothing. This is the first case of such a kind in our relief effort.

A lady from an orphanage visited the Art of Living Center and requested for 2 tents and some blankets for the children there. The requested materials were provided right away.

A team headed off to Kirtipur in Kathmandu Valley with water bottles, blankets, tents and medicines and conducted trauma relief there. Likewise, separate teams went to Balaju, Budhanilkantha and Thankot in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur in Kathmandu Valley with food and medical assistance.

A truck load of blankets, tents and food for children were dispatched to Art of Living Pokhara who will be distributing them in Gorkha District.

trauma relief at Kalika, Sindhupalchowk, Nepal

food and tent distrubution at Sindupalchowk, Nepal

tent distribution at Kalika, Sindhupalchowk, Nepal

trauma relief at katunje bhaktapur, Nepal

trauma relief at katunje bhaktapur1, Nepal

trauma relief at kritipur, Nepal

trauma relief at kritipur1, Nepal

trauma relief at kritipur2, Nepal

trauma relief at Sindhupalchowk

trauma relief at thankot

Day 12

The Prince of Bahrain was in Nepal on a special visit to provide relief materials himself. He has deep respect for Sri Sri and came to dispatch the relief materials through the Art of Living. He visited the Maternity Hospital, Patan Hospital and Basantapur in Kathmandu and provided tents, food, water and blankets. Trauma relief sessions were also conducted in the areas by the Director, IAHV.

Byom Kusom Sanstha, Kathmandu came requesting for food for the relief camp they were organizing, which was provided right away.

A member of Art of Living volunteer team based in Dolakha District was in Kathmandu to collect relief materials. He took with him 300 tents and 800 blankets to be distributed in 5 VDCs there. They have been conducting trauma relief programs in every site they visited. Tents and beaten rice was dispatched to a different area in Dolakha.

Upreti Samaj organized relief distribution at Nuwakot District. A team of our volunteers went with them for trauma relief.

The team of organizations who had visited Kavre District on Day 9 with IAHV Director are revisiting the same area again tomorrow with the same team as a nearby villagers requested them on the last trip for relief materials. The Art of Living provided them with tents and sacks of rice along with trauma relief programs.

Another team of volunteers from Art of Living-Birgunj are stationed in Dhading to distribute relief materials and conduct trauma relief.

baharain prince at Maternity Hospital, Nepal

tents for dolakha, Nepal

trauma relief at Dhading by Birgunj team, Nepal

trauma relief at Dhading by Birjung team 2, Nepal

trauma relief at Maternity Hospital, Nepal

trauma relief at Maternity Hospital 2, Nepal

trauma relief at Nuwakot, Nepal

trauma relief at Nuwakot 2, Nepal

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  1. Sharmila

    Europeans attend to collect thousands and millions of money but we don’t know if the money reaches the goal.
    Helping victims the way guru-ji does is much more effective and loving. Bless you all!


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