Hope Quashed, Opportunity Missed

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When the Aaam Admi Party emerged on the Indian political horizon, the country was stirred by the prospect of young and dynamic leaders serious about cleansing the system. Although it began as an apolitical movement, I concurred with Arvind Kejriwal’s view that to cleanse politics, one must move into politics. For this reason, I have been telling the Naxals to move from bullets to ballot. I was happy to see many young people participate in the last Assembly elections in Jharkhand.

The coterie culture of established political parties has left the common man with little scope for participation in the system other than casting votes. The new party created high hopes in millions of Indians who were tired of corruption and criminalization of politics.

Many signed up for membership of the new party, yearning to see a better India. Its people-to-people connection and sincerity of purpose made Delhi vote for it in a big way. It was good that, subsequently, they formed the government with Congress’ support. People expected the new government to take on the corrupt leaders. If the AAP government had fallen because of its positive action against corruption, it would have scored high on integrity. But they were ill-advised to resign so that they could get out of Delhi and sweep the nation. By doing this, Arvind showed himself to be no different from other politicians – the hidden ambition and agenda came to the forefront.

Cheap publicity stunts, self contradiction, over-ambition and autocracy tarnished the positive image of AAP and soon many respectable people became disillusioned and left. Now Arvind says that he is okay with a fractured mandate in this election and mid-term polls in two years’ time. This indicates a very callous attitude towards the nation’s economy and security.

He visited Gujarat for four days and hurled loose criticism at the state’s development. I have travelled through the length and breadth of Gujarat over the years. In the 90s and early 2000, to see a tree in Saurashtra was a rarity. It was so drought-prone that people had to sell their cattle often. But today there is greenery everywhere. Electricity supply was scarce – hardly two hours a day. Today there is water and electricity in almost every village and the per capita income has risen. While Gujarat may not be 100 per cent corruption free, I have no hesitation in saying that it is much better than what it used to be. Instead of being honest with facts, Arvind has chosen to put down Modi on flimsy grounds. One who hasn’t learnt to stand up has no right to criticize that someone’s dance is off rhythm.

If AAP is voted for a role in national politics and if Arvind does what he did in Delhi, it will be an absolute disaster for the country. India cannot afford to take such a risk when the country is on a ventilator with most economic parameters vulnerably placed. We need a stable government with a strong leadership at the Center for our economy to come back on track and spur development.

In a hurry to jump on the national scene, the party has compromised all principles that gave birth to it. AAP should have proved its mettle in Delhi and taken time to build up its cadre in other parts of the country. It should have gone to villages and contested panchayat and municipality elections and taken time to build a strong and committed cadre trained in governance. It could have forced the other parties to rethink their strategy of giving tickets to criminals and corrupt people. With a strong foundation, it would have been a boon to the nation. But with so many contradictions, AAP has squandered its agenda of political reform.

When Arvind captured people’s imagination with his sharp activism during the anti-corruption movement, he was primed to give an alternative to Indian politics. But after his recent antics, there is a sense of being let down even among those who were once his staunch supporters. HE CAME TO GIVE THE COUNTRY A CHOICE, BUT HAS LEFT THE COUNTRY CHOICELESS.

[This article appeared in Hindustan Times on April 4, 2014: http://bit.ly/1fDZDnx]

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  1. Taksh Medhavi

    Neither Modi nor Kejriwal can cure the issue. The strong policies and the implementation can change the situation.

    The first change we need is Right to recall on local bodies like Panchayat, Nagar Palika and Maha Nagar Palikas. This solution can eradicate three big issues of politics:
    >Funding of black money on election time,
    >UnAccountability of Politicians and political parties and
    >People’s direct involvement in politics on regular basis.

    Like the Corporates, politicians should also need to be accountable in each quarter of a year. so we might have 4 elections in a year for just local bodies. The Digital infrastructures like ATM, SMS voting OR Permanent voting booths can also be used to reduce election expenses.

    Approx. 90% of people are hating politics and politicians because of the ground issues they face everyday. if we apply RTR(Right to recall) just for local bodies we can change the attitude of people towards it.

  2. Kashinath

    People who are in comfort sitting in pub or drawing room commenting on AK is very easy. Just think putting yourself in AK’s place the pain the trouble he is going through. There are so many people (social activists, RTI activists, journalist, ex military personnel many more) joining AAP leaving their lucrative jobs and businesses and their families. Are they all senseless people.

    I know some people are leaving him, for them just I can say that swimming against the flow is not an easy task. Standing against the BIG powers which is based on corruption is not an easy task.

    Even I don’t agree with his some methods and madness. But they are with good intensions, They are not allowing criminals and corrupts in the party. I agree there are some criminals and corrupts are also joined AAP. It doesn’t mean that AAP like to keep them. They are in process of investigate on them and ready to withdraw their tickets if necessary (already they done for 2). On the other side BJP and Congress not ready to accept that criminals and corrupts exist in their party.

    In fact politics is divine which gives opportunity for service for people but it has been made dirty by these politicians from last 66 years, therefore nobody is ready to go in side and clean it. AK has taken the initiative by establishing AAP and people are joining him. It is obvious that AK is also becoming dirty while cleaning it. It takes time. But some people are not able to withstand the dirt and leaving.

  3. Rajiv

    I have been an admirer of Sri Sri but now I am highly disturbed to see comments about AK.It creates doubt in my mind about wisdom of Sri Sri. and his so called spiritual achievement. A person making such comments about anyone only demeans himself. Sri Sri and persons like Ramdev have brought disgrace to community engaged in spiritual journey of silence.

  4. Kashinath

    Dear Guruji –I love and respect for you, I would want to recall the statement that you made in an interview with Arnab (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QnBvNjIXJ0) – “You would want to stay apolitical and does not call out any party / individual’s name, as that would have an influence on people who follow you!” other day you endorsing Mr.Modi and defaming AAP and writing these sort of articles are very contradicting what your stand was!!!

    There are thousands of people working for AAP voluntarily leaving their lucrative jobs and their families. Many social activists, literatures, RTI activists joined AAP party for better India.

    Guruji you are enlightened person, you have so much power that you can make Modi as PM without election. Person like you also think that AK may become hurdle for Modi and such situation raised that you took his name to defame him and washed out all hard work of volunteers working day and night for country. Collecting so many good people throughout the country and standing against the BIG powers is not an easy task. I love you Guruji but I didn’t like defaming someone’s hard work. I’m nowhere to advise you but would be better if you say vote for Modi.

    Humble request not to influence your followers and let them be free to decide out of their own will and discretion that is good for them!
    If a person like you could not stand on your word, I find no much fault with AK or anyone who would change their mind and they have their own reason for doing so.

    I also request you to bless AK to go on right track and success for him.

  5. Murdeshwar

    Who has left the country choice less? You have a choice – EVEN NOW – either exercise it to the benefit of the country by voting for AAP or take a call. Wonder who has left you CHOICE LESS.

  6. Balamurugan Krishnan

    The comments by Guruji shows his concerns with foresight for the Nation as a responsible citizen. As a spiritual Guru, Sri Sri Ravishankarji doesn’t have to prove himself, but for his works through the Art of Living Foundation speaks louder all over the Globe.

    One whose vision is to see a ” One World Happy Family ” cannot but comment on the sorry state of the Nation. It is high time for all Patriots to join hands & souls with the right intention rather than pointing fingers with suspicion to move ahead peacefully for a Powerful Nation & thereby a Peaceful Globe !

    It is a fact & hard truth- that the country’s security is at stake along with corruption rise, increasing women’s safety issues, rise in alcohol consumption, degrading human values because of selfish & divisive politics.

    It is high time that all selfless minded people join hands to work for a self-reliant India through a stable Govt. at the Center. This will be possible unless each individual thinks & acts coming above the lines of party, caste, community, religion, groups, sects, for national Unity- the need of the hour.

    Lets Unite as Humans with Peace, Happiness & Love around towards the unlimited Divine power- A sincere & Truthful prayer from a responsible citizen !

  7. Bhupendra

    Dear Sri Sri,
    I could have bought your adjudication had you in any way helped arvind kejriwal in fighting the corrupt devils. He was a lone range ever since he decided to launch political party in a bid to save the revolution from becoming BJP’s plank. You never expressed any reasonable opinion when he was unreasonably first ignored then criticized and condemned by media. You can not recognize the level to which he has raised the political standards by bringing transparency in funding, ethical norms for party, faith on politics. Without being specific you just declared his deeds as unethical. What was wrong in his actions? Was it wrong to use symbolism for becoming the talking point and reaching public when your bless Modi using all sorts of funding and campaigning with ethical and unethical means on Main stream media and Social media to become PM? If you had ever praised Arvind your criticism now could have been accepted. But the fact is you never wanted him to flourish. If Arvind fails and we lose the life time opportunity for changing politics you will be one of the reason for this….

  8. Parish Gupta

    If corruption is the only issue to give India an overall supremacy it need today… one can support AAP… but …. in today’s need… we need a larger party with a strong and proven leadership. ..For this BJP … is the only option… Also… no one should vote for any candidate who has any criminal background… as is the duty of the top leadership of any party to ensure win without using any anti social activity…. JGD

  9. sukumar

    I am not a follower of Guru Ji, yet I have respect for him for this very reason that he speaks when he need to as a responsible Indian First.
    What AK has done is , used the vacuum in indian political system to misguide people and use of selective lies , with hope that it leads to hung parliament in which small parties have scope to black mail the govt.UPA primarily failed on this account and the alternate power systems killed the responsibilities. Manmohan ji suffered the fate due to this structure.
    Again Namo personally is incorrouptible but all in party may not be, but at least there is consciousness in the basics and BJP without mandir and good governance record in 4 states appears to have capability to govern.
    True it will take time to reach to zero corrouption in this country but one can only go where it is least corrouptible and most pro India.
    For people like us , the best course is to make such a government and after govt comes, to take the role of effective watch dog , shri ji orgnisation can take this as a mission to develop an alternate channel for feed back to the govt. Deginiyively some governance is netter anarchy which is on offer by AK. And what an excellent suggestion Ak must go back to drawing board , come up from grass root, build up the organisation with full democracy wnd come up with an option before public as a party which is not a family party, today india need an option parallel to BJP, as congress, mulayam, maya r not good options.

  10. Ravi Senthil Kumar

    We dn’t see anything wrong Sri Sri Ravishankar ji’s comment!!!

    I think all these above comments are posted by AAP supporters or party members them self. This way you can fool few individuals but you can’t fool the nation. It’s a very clear article if you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean you guys can ridicule some one’s view. The AAP supporters and party workers are immature idiots. Only weak minded individuals are supporting AAP. How can any one judge the state’s performance in three to four days and comment and what ever Arvind Kejriwal & co says should be supported by all if not they will be angry. Stupids and mad ass’s. So, Think don’t waste the donations to hire content writers and propagate against real views.

    TRUTH Prevails!!!

    So, better behave as humans if you are real intellectuals. If you are a beggar & cannibal we can’t help it. All idiotic remarks and comments are short lived.

    We all know what happens in DIGITAL Media!

  11. Suraj

    There s always a choice for NOTA! If you can’t find peace and convinced with the available options ! There is no point in defaming x or y, if u support party A you need not create ruckus abt other party here, don’t impose things n views on others, few blind followers exist in the flock too.
    So, pls Take a chill-pil , relax and take a deep breathe in and let go !

  12. Prakash

    i think we have accepted him as guru because we accept his wisdom. here i am seeing that people want to customize their guru… tailored to their whims and fancies. just wondering if one is capable enough of showing way to his guru, whats stopping them from guiding themselves out of their own issues. to me it sounds like a begger preaching a billionaire on how to invest.


  13. Prakash

    Not sure if guru g asked you to vote for Namo in ur dream or in deep trance. Let’s not pretend that guru g does not have a right to have or share his view. Here he is doing just that. One can definitely decide… but if one is so intolerant about even listening to anything against ones perception…. how wise the decision will be is questionable.


  14. Puneet Dhir

    Very unfortunate comments on the part of Sri Sri , Totally not required , this show the level of disillusion and corruption the Indian politics is in, even the saints like anna , sri sri , imam at Jama masjid are also not left out. People like Sri Sri should be neutral and act towards a guiding force for development of people from within and not get involved in such controversial comments. Any thing in politics is subject to debate and nothing can be out rightly concluded as correct or wrong Indian Politics is going through an evolution process like saagar manthan and Amrit will flow out of it in shape of a Leader who himself and his party both are clean and transparent , but the process will take its own natural time may be 5 year or 10 years but the final outcome will be worth it. Its people’s privilege judge the people at the top, Sri Sri with such a large chunk of followers wishing to turn the tables in some party’s favor or against is totally wrong. You have right to decide just one vote and that is your’s own.

  15. Amit

    Hey man. How can u say al this. As a person, every one is responsible for better future. If some body is good. He is good. I m nt supporter of BJP. I was supporting AAP also earlier. But they really are nt good choice. And guruji is nt going out himself and telling people. People are coming to ask him. So he is not campaigning bJP. You should think frm brodar prespective. Now MODI is the best choice of all. I m nt telling he is 100 % uncorrupted. No body is like that. So think abt that without being baised. Jgd

  16. Hanoz Munshi

    Baba Ramdev ki Jai!!!

    Not sure who you are, but you aren’t Baba Radevji. He is a very honorable man and knows where exactly AAP stands. AAP has created many followers and Sri Sri has actually created leaders.

    Again nothing wrong with AAP, but with what AK is doing no one is going to trust any honest young person who wants to do good for country being in politics. Just saying…

  17. Hanoz Munshi

    I don’t make a lot and he is my Guru as well, so how come he is Guru of rich only?! Hmmmmmm
    Please check the facts before you write something. Go around and see how many poor and how many rich are there in the Art of Living. Actually, you are right in a way. One who has Guru like Sri Sri is rich regardless of bank balance.
    HE is truly the Guru of rich, even if you bank balance is low ;).
    Feel free to e-mail me if you have more questions or concerns. In between, AK just knows how to talk. I have seen no results from ex-CM. He is like Anil Kapoor of Nayak. He could have done so much for Delhi, but was greedy to be the PM than playing his role as the CM. You may or may not agree and that’s fine. Jai Hind!

  18. Hitesh

    It is a biased blog. AAP has shown commitment. All their donations are open to the public.
    Can this institution disclose the donations made?.
    Schools run by the institutions cost more than Rs.30k a year, how can a poor child be educated.
    Lavishly crores may have been spent on the stages where the satsang takes place. Is it really necessary?satsang can be done even in an open ground.
    I remember they once said that they will support the anti corruption movement and after few days they was nowhere to be seen.
    This is the last hope for our country to change.

  19. Baba Ramdev

    Guruji ki jaye!

    It hurts to see when saint like you compromise noble principles and start chanting on behalf of political parties.

    Is it true that your candidates are contesting from BJP. Refer to following link.


    Or search on google (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar + Mahesh Giri + BJP)

    That’s still fine. But how can you utter bitterness for a person like Sri Aravind Kejriwal, who has given a hope to Indian politics. Any person with average awareness can clearly see his dedication and selflessness. How can you be so poisonous for divine sole like him?

    Spitting on sky will dent your clean image among your followers at least in 1 of them that’s me.

    But you are successful in reducing your religious follower’s votes for noble aam aadmi party. I congratulate you for bringing this bad luck to India. Good that your inside is coming out. It’s help lot of sensible Indians to re-consider your ex-divine role in their personal life.

    May god help you to choose right path and support right people.

    One of your aam follower!

  20. Mac

    The you should have spoken the bitter truth about corruption in Gujrat, the land grabbing in Gujrat, the undue favours to Ambanis and Adanis. You will not say anything against them becuase you stay in their palaces.
    You are the Guru of the rich and for the rich.

  21. Monica

    100% Agreed. I had lot of hopes from Kejriwal & was totally pro-AAP in Delhi elections. But by escaping from his responsibilities in Delhi, he has ruined the hopes. He should have proven himself & his party in Delhi & next Lok Sabha he would have been a Prime Ministerial Candidate. For now I am very sure we can’t vote for AAP.

  22. K. V. Manjrekar

    This Guruji was never in the front of a war against corruption. In his earnest zeal to have a Hindu nation he has become a spokesperson of the BJP. No-where has he said anything against the corrupt attitude of both the BJP and the Congress. Most of his followers are very very corrupt people. He has conveniently left out the reason for Kejriwals resignation. He does not see any virtue in the resignation of Kejriwal over the anti-corruption bill. It only goes to say he does support corrupt people.
    What about the criminals in the BJP? Has he said anything about them. Has he said anything against corruption?
    I will tell you something regarding his club AOL. One of his teachers took money from me for booking land at Vagni in a Sri Guruji society. He has vanished with my money without giving me any plot. before anybody can talk about proof I have a committment written and signed by him on a stamp paper.
    So definately he will not say anything against corruption because it is practised club members and he will try to cast aspersion and even run down those who speak against corruption.

  23. avijit

    I seriously don’t understand what kind of black magic kejriwal has done to even educated people of india.
    I see few people talking abt sri sri ji’s point of view as partial.
    What partiality do AAP blind people see here?? Each and every word written here is absolutely true and worth mentioning.

    if you Aap people and kejriwal are so honest why don’t you ask people to vote against lalu? Why not even a single word against sharad pawar?
    Why not anything against mulayam singh? The list is big and these people really divide the vote in thier areas…why don’t they ask people to think beyond rjd bsp, sp, congress I .what credentials do kejri and his team have to form govt at centre?
    Does he even deserves to be even a principal of some kindergarten? ? No he doesn’t because he can only he a head of some acting school.
    Every post requires some experience but kejriwal nd team are so dumb they feel running a govt in centre is a joke and jokers like him will rule it.

  24. Kashinath

    If you have a choice which can bring Janlokpal bill and swaraj then you can vote for them. I don’t have choice.

  25. Suraj

    Agree ! check this where he mentioned he would stay apolitical and not mention any names or individuals so that he doesnt influence the followers. But did the opposite of it! Endorsing Modi and writing blogs on AK and that do so diplomatically that in beginning of this narration wrote good about him and then brings him down for walking out of the govt after 49 days. AK has his own reasons of doing so. My point is when SriSri couldnt stand on what he said here in this interview and change his stand. How can they expect that AK has to do so and so and such and such ! very narrow!

    He said he is neutral and dont want to take the free choice away ! LOL!!!

  26. Abhash

    I dint wanted 2 comment again but because of some replies n answers
    against Sri Sri I have been left wid no option. ak-49 is share a
    mistake for India n Indians, he is nothing but a mask of Congress, a
    supporter of pak, who removed Kashmir from Indian map n nothing (i
    would repeat nothing) but a plot of Congress. Finally wen such a nice
    well composed article based on facts n figures have been able to
    create havoc in d camp of Sri Sri . This person can create miseries n
    misunderstanding among bhakt n Bhagwan also. Many has written that I m
    devotee of AOL, myself who is not at devotee of Sri Sri just a fan of his
    philosophy has never dared to think beyond his thinking how come some
    so called devotees can do dis. Reason is ak-49, he can divide
    any1……plz don’t comment on my words as I have only commented on
    Sri Sri blog I hve nothing 2 do with any1 who has got different
    opinion than me. I abide by Sri Sri saying that God has got perfect
    plan for every individual. Jai Mahadev, ya Allah, Father son holy spirit may the
    best happen for my Motherland JAI HIND.

  27. Prabhavatsan

    I have no ill feelings against anybody whatsoever. Sometimes the bitter truth has to be spoken out of sheer care & concern.

  28. Suraj

    Dear SriSri – while I love and respect you, I would want to recall the statement that you made in an interview with Arnab – “You would want to stay apolitical and does not call out any party/individual’s name, as that would have an influence on ppl who follow you!” other day you endorsing Mr.Modi and writing these sort of articles are very contradicting what your stand was!! Humble request not to influence your followers and let them be free to decide out of their own will and discretion who is good for them!
    If a person like you could not stand on your word, I find no much fault with AK or anyone who would change their mind and they have their own reason for doing so.


  29. गौरव पांडे

    Arvind K. Wants to build a big empire without any substructure…. Which will be fatal for nation…. I agree with you swamijee…. AAP has destroyed the hope of people for corruption free India…

  30. Santosh Kaur

    Guru jee I am follower of your AOL but unfortunately I don’t agree with you. Your blog on the subject is 200% biased. I think you should not have written it

  31. Harbans Singh

    Guru jee I am follower of your AOL but unfortunately I don’t agree with you. Your blog on the subject is 200% biased. I think you should not have written it

  32. Param

    Apparently why is it very difficult to accept the truth! We all know that India is an developing country and it cannot afford elections and re-election always because it consume the public resources only.
    I see lots of people has expressed their views towards this article by guruji, Most seems aggressive in their words stating why Modi and Why not AAP. Since this article is an understanding from guruji, let’s respect the space of expressing an view to each other openly and not to comment like an unfamiliar. Jai Guru dev!!

  33. Kashinath

    Guruji I respect you lot but I surprised to see you are openly defaming AK (AAP) and supporting BJP. Is this support only for Modi or you are going to support all criminals and corrupts in the party.

    Everybody is saying that vote for AAP is vote for Congress along with you. Right now there are many Congress candidates joined BJP in that many of them have criminal and corruption cases going on in the court. Is BJP trying to bring congress back with their candidates? Actually BJP is helping Congress candidates to come in power once again in the name of Modi.

    People call only BJP supporters as “AndhBhakts” But I disagree to that as I find most of BJP leaders/candidates also same… I have seen so many news debates/Interviews, and whenever there is a question as why should people vote you, there comes the answer… “kyonki modiji ko PM banaana hai … Modi ji Gr8 hain and voh sab kuch kar denge” …. There is absolutely nothing in their own credentials, they have done nothing good in the past to share with people…. They are blindly following Modi.

    On the other hand Arvind Kejrival and AAP have better ideas of what people want and think. The only hope to bring SWARAJ and Janlok pal bill is AAP for that we fought for independence.

    Why you didn’t ask Modi to support Janlok pal bill when it was tabled in the Delhi assembly. AK wouldn’t have resigned if Janlok pal bill would have passed.

    If these bills are not allowed to be tabled, I don’t see any reason why a CM should stick to its chair… Do you have a reason? It’s better to quit immediately, next time come with full majority and implement these bills.

    Many volunteers have left lucrative jobs all over the world and in India to join people’s party. There are still people joining thinking of something is going to happen better for India.

    I know you never supported AAP party when it was going on right track as per your ideology. I expect you to guide AAP party to go in right track.

    Now what may happen all BIG powers are behind AAP to break its power, defame it just to make Modi PM, that’s it? After that no one (Modi Bhakts) has right to say why someone don’t do something for corruption.

    In few years there’ll be plenty of charges against AAP candidates. It might be possible even AAP candidates will start corruption. That’s all The END of SWARAJ. Again for next 50-60 years enjoy 3rd grade citizenship. Politicians will continue their loot. Possible one more Arvind Kejriwal may come but what is the use; all big powers and Modi Bhakts will not allow him to do anything.

    Again cycle repeats.

  34. Tzam

    this double sri guruji making himself look special seems to be choosing the limelight for wrong reasons..i have been watching his rise to popularity from the sidelines..seems to have a lot in common with mata amritandamayi.a true guru never forma cult.. he will be least concerned with popularity and lobbying with bigwigs.. he will not be concerned with charity and charitable institutions . when a guru takes a lot of interest in the upliftment of society, mark my words, he is already perverted! a true and real guru livesin thehearts of individuals and will never be concerned with a trust, or cult of groupism..
    he does not have clue as to who AK is!!! he is dancing to the tune of some his political bigwigs!!

  35. bhavendra

    I totally agree witg you guruji.I am sad that people are now calling u sold out etc. I mean are we indians so uneducated that we cant even see who is right and who isnt? Sad to see ppl calling you biased.. May god bless the people of india.

  36. Viduur

    Guruji, what a coincidence…when U was out of #RssGutter then Kejriwal was in. Now he is out & u r enjoying hospitaoity of RssGutters…. For more contact via Nitin Limaye/Sharmila Murarka/Subhash Chandra….:)

  37. Pathi Raju

    I agree with guruji ,he has the right to express . Interested take it or throw it. ALL my friends in AAP really disappointed by the arvind is acting. Why didnt arvind send sheela Dixit to jail though he proof against corruption charges ?

  38. Neema

    To rise to the top without going thru ground level work clearly shows the rash and selfish ambition of Arvind Kejriwal. Had he come up the way Sri Sri says in his part piece he would have done the nation a lot of good and stood out from the rest of the politicians. Now, his contribution to the country is a govt-less state (Delhi) and anarchy in politics. India is better off without him.

  39. Nikhil

    The article absolutely makes sense, its foolish to vote for AAP during Lok Sabha elections at least. They have already wasted an opportunity where they could have done wonders. I had so much hopes from AK. I may give him benifit of doubt in future. But definitely not in Lok Sabha Elections. We don’t give a new born baby to drive the car.

  40. Ravi

    I totally agree with Guruji, he is not being biased but only expressing his views. But these are the Facts as well as People’s view. Instead of being Defensive, AAP-Arvind and Team should view Guruji’s comments as an opportunity to Improve on its shortcomings to grow.

    I also think BJP-Modi and Team, Congress-Rahul and Team should not give Tickets to Ministers who have serious criminal cases pending on them as suggested by Aamir Khan’s show Satyamev jayate. We need a Stable and Honest people in the Goverment and each vote counts.

  41. ajit mathew

    Dear Guruji,
    While you are within your right to criticise parties I feel it is best that you remain apolitical and neutral. AAP is a young party….there is no doubt it is floundering, seems directionless, makes mistakes and is trying to evolve. It is so easy to follow a beaten path and copy another party and talk a language that will please millions…..but AAP recognizes that the beaten path is not the correct path.
    Do not go by all that is put in the media…..unfortunately that is what all people go by or are forced to go by. Tell me one media channel that does not have Ambani money in it. I do not want to disrespect the man whose father was always to me the shining light for Indian business men but like you he has also taken sides in supporting ‘a’ party when every party would come to him with his control on Indian economy. He like you should leave politics alone and try play his game which ever party comes to power….if he is doing things for the betterment of this country why should any party not support him with his financial muscle.
    His Gujarat model is full of hype and gas…..I am not criticising Gujaratis but if they have done well( they always have well with or without Modi) so have other states. He insults our intelligence with all his feku claims. And look at the Prime minister nominee ….only rhetoric…Shehzada, AK, pakistani agent, burkha secularism…..has he spoken one word of sense on economic policy, foreign affairs, relation with China and Pakistan, employment increase, industrial policy, FDI etc etc except one liners.
    He has not even released his manifesto!
    So why should I vote for him…..AAP is saying much more and has attempted much more…yes they have made mistakes. But then an old teacher of mine told me long ago…Son if you work you will make mistakes….those who do not work make no mistakes.
    In the light of all this it is best that you remain neutral so that we can all seek spiritual well being from you without thinking that it will be clouded by your political aspersions.
    warm regards,
    Your well wisher,
    Ajit Mathew

  42. Sanket

    Very candid, clear and rational thoughts expressed through the blog by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji.
    Really enjoyed reading every bit of it and agree to it completely.

  43. kapil

    Lets not see this election as Modi Vs AK Vs Rahul. It’s a election where 542 people would be elected . If you choose more people who are capable and have good intentions (with clean image so far), you make it easy for India to grow economically and socially. AAP clearly scores here over Congress and BJP. Let us vote for a person in our constituency who deserves our vote.It’s not easy to earn our vote specially if we value our vote.

  44. Abhishek

    Very true Sri Sri ji, I so agree with you. Hope Mr. Kejriwal listens to you and grow his Party at a state level first and then approach to change the Country’s state!

  45. Rupesh Garg

    Many people said during the Anti Corruption movement that they are neutral as most of the things were going against corruption. For them Corruption of BJP is no Corruption.
    Now the true colors of such people are coming in front. It was sad to see guruji as one such person. Truely Sad.

  46. Nagaraj

    For all AAP supporters..
    It is human mentality to say the person is biased when they are against our thinking. Will you say guruji is biased and should not express his views if he endorsed for AAP.? Be frank and ask yourself. The ego comes to accept that our thinking is wrong.many people still supports aap because of self ego.
    I m sure India against corruption was great initiative. Now the things are changed.It is human mentality does not accept. AOL says look other options if the door is not opening.may be that is wall not a door.

  47. Roopesh

    This is the first ever blog, I have read of guruji. I do not agree with so many comments given by people here allegating guruji, that has endorsed Modi. If we read it few more times, the blog says about the light of hope which emerged in aam admi with Arvind Kejriwal, that now there is someone at last who has taken step forward to clean the dirt in politics, has diluted, because of his change in strategy. Previously, he was concentrating on solving problems like water, electricity, majorly corruption, but now he is clearly speaking the language of a politician. His greed to become a national level power icon, forced him to betray the people of Delhi, who voted him with heart. For this I will say when he was on road, he shouted of Delhi government failure everyday on every front, but when he himself got the opportunity to bring the change, he simply ran from that. I would ask, what in this world is simple, we all struggle everyday with our day to day activity, of whatever level & status a person may be of. When it was time to show, for what he was given vote, he simply quit from that. Was it, that the path to transform Gujarat in 10 years would had been easy ? For sure not, but it transformed with positive approach & consistent efforts. We should think, before voting, that we vote on assurance only or we vote on an assurance supported by a proved development behind. I will not give vote to Modi, but I will vote to workable system of Gujarat, which has failed in almost all the states.

  48. Nagaraj

    @Manish.,By considering all challenges, I will give first preference to internal security of country than corruption as pak and China are eager to attack us. I will support modi for this.
    aap is same as other parties in vote bank politics.development agenda for Muslims.!!!?? Could u find difference in aap and congress in this.

  49. Nipun

    Sir , i respect you , but with this article , i feel disappointed to say , but you got sold too. How much did BJP pay you ?

    1. Arun

      Hi Nipun.
      You said that u respect guruji ,after then u r asking hw much money he took from bjp.What is the reason of such hypocritical statement.Its no wonder that you are also following the hypocrite AK so u r making such hypocritical comments.Guruji did n’t endorse BJP or any party he just said what he found to be truth.It wonders me that hw can a person like u who projects himself a follower of Guruji begin to disrespect him just because his view point is different from urs.

  50. nikhil

    he just wants to get emotional votes.. y did all his attention went from fighting against corruption to going against Modi.. if his intention was to improve delhi he could had stayed back and fought for it but instead gave it up.. do u really want to elect such kind of leader who gave up so easily..

  51. Divya Mangotra

    I do not think he is being biased, being a Delhiite myself I know what AAP has been doing all this while. AAP has made a fool of the people. All their promises to people were never fulfilled. If AAP really wanted to bring about a change then they would have continued being in power. If someone cannot handle a single state how can they handle the whole country?
    Instead of criticizing Sri Sri and saying that he is being biased you should rather understand the crux of what he is trying to say. What he means by this is that we cannot let a newbie run the nation. we all know what AAP has been doing all this while, We cannot make the same mistake and suffer for 5 years. He is making all these efforts so that India does not suffer.

  52. Sahil Kalra

    Today I am very Sad to see such a great person who represents India and is very respected by youth, writing such Biased review and crucifying a strong willed Man, Mr. Kejriwal (who is not sitting at home and criticizing Politics but actually is trying to be the Change, he wants, in System #RespectArvindKerjriwal) on a Single debatable decision of his.

    It looks like a review by someone who was waiting for a mistake to be made by AAP, so that he could have the opportunity to crucify them.

    Choosing a government is not choosing out the option who can provide a stable government (UPA is giving that for past 10 years and we can see the results Economic growth down to sub 5%, corruption at its peek), we should see our Vote as the most valuable thing (like money), which we should only invest in something taking into aspect the future value that it can generate i.e. the better Future of the Country should be given preference to the short term Economic growth or fluctuation, This is the Risk we all have to take as we are the people who can bring a change and we all have to a contribute to that.

    One can’t blame Arivind Kerjriwal for his efforts because he doesn’t owe us anything, its not his job to do change the system but its his strong will to do something, which should be respected. All of us have to contribute toward the change. At the end everyone is free to make hi own choice and has right to vote to candidate whoever he feels the best.

    A man with huge following like you, should use his words very carefully as it effects many people, who can follow what you say blindly, without even thinking a second about it. If you are saying that AAP is not a good choice , Are you ready to take responsibility for other parties, which you think might be the right choice, that they will give us a bright future free of corruption, communal-ism, high economic growth and Security ?

    Well according to me Congress and BJP are by no means Corruption free and they Don’t intend to be. When it comes to Communal-ism, you can read about Subramaniyam Swami’s derogatory thinking about Muslims in our country. Congress is also not that secular, as they claim to be, they are well know to take advantage of voters on this issue.

    I am not saying that AAP is the only good option throughout the country (for Delhi it is), but everyone should thing Rationally this time before giving their vote, as a lot depends on it. It is very easy to get influenced by People you follow, but its not the Right thing, Use your on Mind, find by yourself what is the best option you have which is good for the Future of the Country, then Vote. At the end its everyone’s own Decision and his/her responsibility to choose the best.

  53. Arvindh

    I think this is just a take on what AAP has done, there is nothing to be sad about. The writing is on the wall that Arvind Kejriwal who promised that he would work in Delhi and do things against all opposition chickened out at the first possible chance. He saw a bigger opportunity and ditched the people who voted him to power with hope of seeing better governance.

  54. Nagaraj

    Your thinking is logical. I too just thought in reverse. Your constituency member is well educated, clean hand in front of people (I m not telling any party and I m not against any party) but he is from congress. May b because his ancesters are congress and now he s also congress. If you vote for him, RG will bcm PM. There is no major disaster for India other than this. Would u like to c. So in my point of view this time we should think broad. Not for constituency.. Vote for India.don’t be selfish by thinking only constituency.think for India.

  55. Manish Gupta

    Watch this video!


    The people of India can decide “whom they should vote” within 1 hour by watching this video.
    Honest and Patriotic Indians who supports BJP and Congress might have felt ashamed after listening the response from the Leaders of BJP and Congress on the highly sensitive issue of Decriminalization of Politics.
    See the Actions, Seriousness and Dedication of AAP to give India a corrupt/criminal free Government.
    The challenge is only how 125 Crore people of India will be able to watch this! If they see this, No Criminal will reach to Parliament through this election.
    This Video exposes the politics of BJP and Congress!
    If Narendra Modi is a real patriotic Why he has not announced yet that he will take back tickets from all Convicted People of BJP. I bet the day he announces this, you will see a real wave of Narendra Modi in India.
    All my dear friends who are supporting BJP,
    Aaj Sharmsaar to bahut honge tum,
    Aaj tumhare pass shabd bhi nahin honge BJP ko defebd karne ke liye.
    Kis muh se tum BJP ko support karoge.
    Yes! if you are corrupt and want your generations to live in the atmosphere of corruption and gundagardi, please please please continue support BJP and vote for BJP.

  56. Lokesh Pooranchand

    मैं सफलता असफलता कि चिंता नहीं करता। मेरे लिए प्रयास और नियत ज़यादा महत्वपूर्ण है। आम आदमी पार्टी और अरविन्द केजरीवाल भले राजनीति में विफल हो जाये पर मैं उसका प्रसंशक रहा हूँ और शायद आगे भी रहूँगा।

  57. dr hitesh

    Dear AAP follwers. Where did guruji asked you to vote for modi ?. He just clarified the wrong propaganda against gujrat. So what is wrong in putting his own view. Tou accept a person’s view about whole gujrat in three day visit but you refuse to accept your own preacher’s view on same topic.
    Very funny.
    Best of luck

  58. anjali

    true it is very necessary and guruji is not baised kisi ki paty aye unse kya matlab but he represent the views of the whole universe.

  59. rahul

    Guruji I am an ardent follower of aol from a long time. It is really disappointing that you are sponsoring modi off late. My admiration for you had grown after you told that you will be politically neutral and asked your followers to vote for right candidate. I am neither a staunch follower of AAP nor BJP. Do you expect me to vote for Yeddyurappa if he stands in my constituency just because he stands for BJP. I would never vote for him. BJP did a very big mistake by bringing in people like yeddy and pramod muthalik (though he was immediately expelled), just for the sake of votes. Now I am really disappointed seeing you endorse a party. I would also want to tell shazia ilmi, one of the main members of AAP is a ardent follower of AOL. So would you ask her also to leave AAP and support BJP. I would again like to reiterate I am not follower of AAP and would vote for a candidate and would never vote for person’s like Yeddyurappa. I am totally impressed with modi’s development in gujarat so it doesnt mean the same will happen in my constituency. My constituency’s development would depend on the area’s MP, MLA and corporator. Really disappointed with your endorsement guruji. Jgd

  60. Geeta murthy

    There is no reason why people should feel bad about guruji’s views,he is free to express and he is bringing out some facts,let us think of the economy of the country ,ALL WE NEED AT THIS HOUR IS A STRONG GOVT AND A STABLE ONE

  61. arunay


    I too had supported AAP in Delhi elections but I am too very disappointed with them the way the conducted .

    No doubt corruption is biggest enemy but is there any path which is not full of roadblocks. To me negotiating menace of corruption is navigating the chariot through innovative policies, systemic reforms peoples participation and inculcating moral values through education etc. is the way forward.


  62. vikram

    i dont have much knowledge about but politics….. but as u have said ….
    1) u want sustainable govt…. then we should vote for Congress very stable….
    2) u want to say gujrat development….. if we will stop corruption then in the same amount of money we can give atleast double development
    3)u r right modi is batter then congress….. modi have some vision…. modi work for nation … but sir he is surrounded by so many crocodile(like yadurappa,gadkari etc etc)……and he is spending so much money on campaigning …. no ordinary preson have donated to BJP… all money came from corporate and corruption …. then obviously the will return money even with interest….
    4) if we look at the history “east india company” company took 260yr to take over the india… and ruled for 200yrs…. same company system is overtaking now a days …….
    5)i am not saying that kejriwal should be next PM…. but his party should represent as a strong opposition….. you should not talk about arvind kejriwal like this

  63. Chaitanya Avatapalli

    Sir I have always been a devoted follower of AOL. But now, I feel really sad to see that you, having claimed to be neutral, are evidently campaigning for NaMo. And unfortunately it is the first time that I am seeing you with all other politically motivated people like Baba Ramdev.
    Sir, my vote is my choice, and I won’t vote for somebody even if someone who has always influenced me, asks me to.
    But there are many devoted followers who wouldn’t even consider other options, after you clearly asking them to vote for someone.
    This, sir, is really sad to see.
    I wouldn’t have been as much disappointed if you did not claim to be neutral.
    This sir, is not at all neutral. Personally I feel you aren’t doing right by judging the options, and giving verdicts.
    Sir, when you are neutral, don’t even try to influence the voters. And it would be sad if you still say you aren’t.
    Just ask people to choose a good leader wisely. LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE WHO IS GOOD OR BAD.
    By doing this, you are definitely using your position to seek votes for NaMo. I’m Very disheartened to see this, and many other followers are


    1. GUPTHA

      i am fully accepting with guruji analysis, some of my freinds & relatives are staying in gujarat and there is a considerable imporovement in the last 10 years, why we are scared to accept the trouth. india needs strong and dynamic leader ship , now Namo is only choice.
      Other political parties like CPM, mamata banerjee are more honest & simple than AAP but they dont have stronger leader ship & national cadre.
      In AP Loksatta party by Jayaprakash Narayan is a Ex IAS officer who is better Personality than Arvind Kejriwal is working in AP for the last 10 years , now he also decided to work along with TDP & BJP.
      Finally wthat i observed is AAP is interested more publicity, otherwise they should have ruled delhi five years and show some thing to the public and come into the national politics .They are just like Mamata Banerjee doing 10 years back against CPM in bengal.

      It will take some to mature AAP as national party , till that time nothing wrong in electing party like BJP.

    2. Sonal .D

      I fully agree with guruji. And there is nothing wrong if any spiritualy enlightened person supports any candidate in politics. After all he is such an enlightened guru that he has that vision of good and bad which we normal human beings do no have, especially in today’s world of artificiality it has become very difficult to judge right or wrong. If guruji supports Namo then definitely Namo is eligible Prime Minister candidate.
      And as I wrote earlier that during such a situation of emergency, when not only our economic condition is vulnerable but we are facing threats in each and every area. Corruption, Inflation, Insecurity, Crime and most important our ancient religion is under threat.
      I just want to bring to your notice that 300 years back when mugals were continuosly invading India and destroyed our temples, slaughtered cows and harmed our nation in every possible way then SPIRITUAL GURU SAMARTH RAMDAS SWAMI guided the Great maratha king SHIVAJI MAHARAJ to fight against Mugals and save our nation from these foreign invaders. Same happened in 14th century when “The great MAHARANA PRATAP was guided and protected by MEERA BAI.
      When there is a remarkable fall in moral and religious values then spiritual gurus has to interfere.
      Thank you Guruji.

  64. prashant kumar

    Thanks for sponsoring BJP. I will love to answer on behalf of AAP soon as possible as an AAM aadmi and try give my views that why Arvind Kejriwal is still a choice for the people of India. And yes, I respect you sir.


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