Five types of questions

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The spark behind every great discovery that has taken place on this planet has been the spirit of inquiry. When that inquiry is directed outwards – “What is this? How does it happen?” it is science and when it is directed inwards – “Who am I? What am I here for? What do I really want?” it is spirituality.

We have a daily informal gathering every evening and after some group singing, I take questions from those present. Over so many years, I must have been asked hundreds of thousands of questions on various topics. Even though the number of possible questions that can be asked is huge, there are really only five types of questions.

  1. Out of misery: Many times people ask questions when they are feeling miserable. They are usually of the nature “Why did this happen to me?”, “What did I do to deserve this?” etc. When you see someone asking a question out of pain, just listen to them. They just want somebody to hear them out. They are not really looking for an answer.
  2. Out of anger: “I did nothing wrong. I was right. Why am I being blamed? Why is this happening?” This is the kind of questions that arise out of anger. Here also, the person is caught in the whirlpool of their feelings and emotions and they want to justify them by asking such questions. When somebody is in such a volatile state of mind, no matter what answer you give, it doesn’t go in. On the contrary, it gives rise to more questions and justifications.
  3. To draw attention: Some people ask questions just to show everyone that they are also there. Their satisfaction lies in asking the question so that everybody notices them rather than finding the answer.
  4. To test: There are some who ask questions to test if the other person knows. They already have an answer in their mind and want to compare if the other’s answer matches with theirs.
  5. With sincerity: The fifth type of questions is asked by people who sincerely want to know something and have faith that the person they are asking knows and will tell them. It is only this type of question that should be answered.

Most of the ancient scriptures – whether it is the Bhagvad Gita, Yoga Vasishtha, Ashtavakra Gita, Tripura Rahasya or the Upanishads, begin with a question. The questions that have been asked here are not merely out of curiosity but also with a sense of closeness. Upanishad itself means sitting close to the Master, not just physically but feeling close to the Master. Knowledge needs an atmosphere of belongingness to flourish. The closer you feel to the Master, the more knowledge unfolds by itself.

Every particle of this Existence is brimming with intelligence – the seed knows when to sprout and the flower knows when to bloom. All of life that is happening in this Creation is expressing that Infinite Intelligence. When you begin to behold this breathtaking phenomenon taking place all around you, all your questions start dissolving into an overwhelming sense of wonder. And that is the Art of Living.



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  1. Tripth

    Firstly I would like to thank you for your assistance.
    I am a mahadev devotee and have a lot of faith in mahadev. Recently I have started reading the bhagavat Gita and have realized that the supreme personality godhead is lord Shri Krishna.
    Now I am confused as to how I can pray to both as one should have one primary deity. And if I can pray to both… How?
    If I pray to Krishna how can I see mahadev in him and develop full faith in him as the source of all existence.
    Your reply will be eagerly awaited as I am really confused.
    Thank you very much I am very grateful.

  2. midsummer

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  3. vindhya

    Guruji, It will be great if we can have Yoga Vashishta tapes in your voice. You present such complex knowledge as though it is so simple! I tried listening to Yoga Vashishta CDs that are available, but find them quite difficult to comprehend. Your books and CDs on Bhagavad Gita and Ashtavakara Gita for example are so easy to understand. I listen to your CDs and read your books again and again.My God, they are a gold mine…there is so much to understand…every time I listen/read, something new unfolds or I understand the points better. Your talks help me beat the frustrating Bangalore traffic when I commute to work!

    And what is Tripura Rahasya? Sounds very interesting…kindly tell us more 🙂

  4. Neha Mayuri

    There is no beginning and no end to my earnest compliments! You’ve inspired me today and made my journey more peaceful, that’s all I want to confess right now. Not sure whether to thank you or hug you and your team. You guys mean a world to me! -Love Neha!

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  6. rajni bhatia

    Jai guru dev.aisa lagta mujhe manzil mil gayee hai.DEAR Guruji ab koi bhi sawal pareshan nahi karta.

  7. Akanshi

    D person asking question type one i.e ‘out of misery’ ask the guru b’c he knows he’ll answer him and provode me sense of relief which he is looking all around, he doesnt needs an ear to be listen but also a answer for d question ,so please answer his restlessness, he wants to believe ,have faith ,juts cnt gather the lost courage

  8. Bhaswati Mitra

    Guruji You always ask us to leave or give to U all of our problems and pains .Me and my mother are wholeheartedly trying to do so without explaining any more about those matters as U’ve advised not to chew about those unfair events of life.We believe Ur blessings always provide our family (having humane,feline ,canine etc members) all the desirable securities of life.Being with You is of very comfortable experience .Jdg!

  9. shamitalahiry

    Guruji i want to talk to u give me a chance why i am feeling this urge for last 4 months i dont know i attended 2 satsang with u but u r surrounded by so many people it was like seeing u on TV screen i dont have anything to ask u have given me everything after that i will not ask anything from u such as everyday u talk to me etc regards

    1. Laith eshtaiwi

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