A New Beginning

It may appear that we are a part of this world, but actually, this world is a part of us. We carry our world within our mind and our mind cannot be at peace when the world around us is in turmoil. When mid-life crisis begins prematurely in teenage years; society is rattled with violence and drug abuse; humanism appears to be utopia; joy, love and compassion remain only in books and on celluloid; corruption and crime appear to be accepted as a way of life, then these are signals for us to rise to meet these challenges in society.

Today, we see a catastrophic decline in human values all over the world. A young  boy recently opened fire at little children in an elementary school  in Connecticut, US. In India, too, in the Capital recently, a young girl was subject to gross violation and aggression by a group of men. This incident provoked youth to come out on the streets and demonstrate in large numbers, demanding justice.

We have seen an unprecedented awareness and willingness in the youth over the last couple of years to cause a change in the state of this country but we should not allow this momentum to degrade into chaos and violence. The need is to channel these energies constructively. We need to create an atmosphere of support and contribution rather than of blame and accusation.

While the authorities are certainly accountable for law and order, diffusing stress in the environment and taking steps to bring out human values in society becomes our responsibility as well; otherwise, people to whom this message has not reached might harm us or our loved ones out of their resentment. All of us should take out some time – at least a few hours in a week, to volunteer for a better India. If we have just a few people with this magnanimous outlook, who can take responsibility for others’ emotional well-being, society has a very realistic chance of being peaceful and harmonious to a large extent.

There are little things we can all do to keep our environment stress-free. We need to develop the habit of sharing our joy with others. If you are happy, infect others with your happiness; don’t keep it to yourself. Any action done with this idea behind it is service and the best form of service is uplifting someone’s state of mind. Of course, we must be careful and sensitive so as not to upset anyone with our enthusiasm. When we decide to share what we have been given, the Divine showers more abundance on every one of us.

Being spiritual does not mean turning a blind eye to the world. On the contrary, as you learn more and more about yourself, you come to know more and more about the world as well and begin to infer things that are beyond the obvious. Somewhere within we all want to know who we are, why we are here and what the purpose of life is. Most people choose to push these questions aside as a waste of time. Being spiritual is about keeping this little fire of Self-inquiry alive and not extinguishing it; not giving up the pursuit. These questions serve as a compass and help you bring a sense of direction to your life.

Every end creates a sense of completion and relief and every new beginning brings with it a sense of hope and enthusiasm. Therefore there is celebration associated with both. The past has made you wiser, the future beckons you to act and it is in the present that you can plan and begin. Although bitter experiences of the past should not prevent you from taking risk and plunging into adventure, you should also not be foolish in repeating old mistakes. A few moments of reflection should become a daily routine to infuse inspiration, innovation and intuition, all of which are much needed for planning and action.

As you pass through events one after the other, become aware that life is like a river. There may be stones on the path but the river flows above or around them. No year passes by without a touch of joy or without posing challenges. You should plan to utilize every moment of joy to serve and see every challenge as opportunity for growth. The year 2012 has not brought on the end of the world, but the coming New Year, 2013, is certainly the start of a new beginning.

[This article appeared in Speaking Tree on December 29, 2012.]



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  1. Palak

    This is the first blog dat I’ve read of Ua’s!!! It’s the bad state of mind which bought me towards u, to get inspired to positivity!
    Thank yu it really helped

  2. Jayashree Patnaik

    Self-inquiry and introspection are very useful techniques to bring about self-transformation. The challenge lies in spreading this knowledge amongst the masses and can be a good catalyst for eradication of crime in society.

  3. vindhya

    wow! So profound…yet so simple!

    Luv this line:
    “As you pass through events one after the other, become aware that life is like a river. There may be stones on the path but the river flows above or around them.”

    – Vindhya

  4. ranjana

    I am out of words Guruji to see your blog and drop a comment! Feels like I am moving more closer to you!
    Jai Gurudev!

  5. shilpa

    wow!! this a beautiful piece of article which gave me an insight of what actually a joy and challenges are meant for.
    Jai Gurudev!!!!!

  6. Srividya

    In olden times, flourishing kingdoms would always have a ‘Rajguru’- an enlightened Master who would advise the King in various matters.
    Today, we need similar guidance to save our planet from limited, selfish visions.
    Thank you Gurudev for such a splendid piece.

    1. vindhya

      absolutely agree!!!

      If only our politicians follow even some bit of Guruji’s knowledge….this country would flourish.

  7. Sivasubramanian

    Gurudev! Thank you so much for this shower of knowledge..This inspires us to plan a new direction, to take up more social responsibilities. To begin with, with the help of my teacher Radha, and with your absolute will, i have taken a responsibility to approach a school at Chennai where it seems about 250 teachers are completely stressed, especially handling. we have determined to take your knowledge to them, please bless this to be successful and make us your perfect instrument.

    Additionally, in our apartment, Property tax evaluation is not yet done. Authorities and councellors are asking ‘bribe’ – Rs. 5000/- per apartment (120 apartments). Myself and a AOL teacher Rajesh Chugani residing in this building are opposing to “pay a bribe”. Please bless us in this as well for a smooth and successful resolution of this issue, with out adverse repurcussions to all.

    – Love Shiva – Jai Gurudev!

  8. sanjay Patil

    Celebration …..Guruji’s blog………new beginning !! Last year was Complete ….so will be the Next year ……2013 ……and the Next……Next … !! With Guruji this much is sure !!!

  9. samir

    Guruji you are like the white horse Devdutta ok Kalki! Your ideas are put so simply and so much situated in truth, they reach everyone around the world.

  10. Ananta

    Sri Ram & Sri Krishna are to the East

    Ramayana & Mahabharata is a complete Feast

    Jesus of Nazareth is to the West

    The Pure in Heart are Blessed

    Shiv Linga is to the North

    Go beyond the symbol and go Forth

    Sri Shankaracharya is to the South

    Modern day Vedanta was born from his Mouth

    Guruji is in all points of compass and in my Heart

    A Sri Sri Blog? 2013 – What a Start!

  11. Nimish Inamdar

    Thank you Guruji .. So much for everything .. and now for blogging. Your first paragraph seems a hope with “yada yada hi adharmasya, glanir bhavati bharata’ ringing at the back of my mind. Somewhere there is a hope because at the end of that verse, Lord Krishna says, “Sambhavami Yuge Yuge”. In this yug of internet, you have decided to inspire us all over the blog. It brings you so up, close and personal with us all.

    Thank You once again.

  12. prema

    I have pledged that I will do everything possible as a teacher to help my students work for a violence free and stress free country. Guruji, please help me in this.

  13. Robin Hallett

    Woo hoooooo dear Guruji,
    I am so excited you will be blogging with us!!
    As you said, we carry the world in our minds, and an unrested world means an unrested mind… so just imagine what even more joyful minds and hearts can do for our world. This is my commitment and intention for the new year – to contribute joy and return love.
    Thank you for all you share with us, we are so blessed!

  14. Naveenta

    U make us laugh,U make us smile..
    Walking with u in our minds…is living worthwhile…
    “Guruji”..as do we say….in our hearts..we need you to stay..
    For today n ever..like a flower tat blossoms forever..JGD:)


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